Will GPU mining work much faster? Multi core CPU mining isn't

Will GPU mining work much faster?

When I mine on more than CPU 1 core, mining becomes much SLOWER according to zcbenchmark
(VM, Ububtu, i7 laptop 8 cores). It seems that memory bandwidth is used fully just by 1 core.

How many times is GPU memory faster than DDR3/DDR4?

If you run benchmark while mining, it may not be accurate. I’m not sure it turns your miner off when testing. You need 800 MB per core plus 2.5 GB for Ubuntu. We do not yet know how much faster GPU is. The rumor is 3x to 6x, but it may be at an extra electrical expense.

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The latest HBM cards can run at about 500 GB/s compared to about 50 for a DDR4 system.

How do you think a HBM card with 8GB of RAM compare to a 8 Core CPU with 8GB RAM? Since Equihash takes 700MB per thread do you think the thousands of cores will bottleneck at the amount of RAM?

Is GDDR5 (?) memory really that much faster than DDR4 or do those cards achieve those bandwidth figures through multiple memory paths? So far as I’m aware, there still isn’t an Equihash implementation that is able to take advantage of more than one memory channel to use more available bandwidth - whether it be CPU or GPU focused.

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GPU mining would be a disaster for most of us, unless you are an owner of big GPU farm

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It doesn’t matter where the hashes come from, the people that put their resources on the line to support the network get rewarded.

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After Ethereum GPU renaissance there is very little difference between GPU and ASIC mining.
Big companies dominate in both areas

Good. I prefer crypto currencies backed by people that have enough confidence to make a serious financial commitment.

It all depends on what the coders can do with it. 8 core CPU is pretty high end which should be compared to a higher end GPU. But it may be that even a year from now GPUs can’t do more than 3x an 8 core CPU, if the CPU miner is optimized. A problem is that there’s real money in optimizing GPUs, but not CPUs, unless it’s a botnet. Someone claimed it’s relatively easy to convert the code to windows. If that’s the case, there might be a different elephant that we’re ignoring. With only 2 threads mining, few windows users would notice a virus, giving another reason for them to go to 10 minute intervals and 1.2 GB instead of 750.

Voluntary, the GPU cards use 384 bits instead of 64 bit channels which is part of the 10x to 30x bandwidth increase. That the CPU miner is not using more than one channel is something I had not heard, but I had noticed there was no difference in 1 to 4 card RAM setups, as long as the total ram was the same.

Except GPUs are off the shelf solutions and everyone has access to them. It appears you rather have criminal botnets prevail rather than those that have made a financial commitment to support blockchain technology.

No difference. CPU Botnets, ASIC farms or GPU farms. Profit drives centralization no matter the technology.

Botnets in this case, or a market glut of GPUs.