Why some big miners changes mining different coins so quickly?

The Nethash of Zcash and Zclassic go up and down so quickly? if the one coin’s difficult go down, big miners jump into for serval rounds, then the big miners go away, but the difficult can NOT go down so quickly.

Difficulty gets adjusted every blocked mined, so every 2.5 minutes it gets calibrated.

Anywhoes, not only big miners but nicehash can easily spike the network up. Many gamers turn on nicehash at night and during school/work time, it’s “kinda normal” having network hashrate going up/down 50Mh/s…


There are also snipers that will target the pools with that detected the latest block. This is easy to see on the lesser known pools. I’ve seen it triple the hash power of some pools within just a short time after a block is found.

Can you explain this a little bit? What is the benefit of jumping into a pool that just detected a block? Do they get some of the distribution then?

Having just discovered a block guarantees a higher payout than the pool that discovered a block 10 minutes ago, because they have the 10 ZEC needing to be paid out, it means you can get around 9 ZEC if you start contributing 1 Msol/s to a pool that normally has 100Ksol/s, without having to discover a block yourself.
The idea is to hog up a large percentage of the total hashrate of the pool, even though you didn’t help with discovering the block.

Maybe it’s just common sense and not actuality, but I thought pools distribute based on hashes contributed before the block was discovered, not after

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snipers move hashrate when a luck of a pool is very low, so it’s more probable to find a block and in little time have contributed more shares, eventually steal a 10-20% percentage from all the miners that have been “searching” that block for hours (maybe even days…)

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It’s unfair for other guys, the pool distribution should take serveral rounds into account.

This is what sniping looks like. The peaks correlate when this pool found blocks.

This pool will randomly find a block. Snipers come in. They will typically find 2-3 more blocks. When it dries up the snipers leave. If they stayed they would help the pool find a lot more blocks.

I’m still confused - the luck has nothing to do with it, you can’t snipe based on ‘luck’.

You could snipe by checking if a pool hasn’t discovered a block for a long time, then you enter with the ‘chances’ of finding a block being slightly higher because they haven’t found one for a long time (although that is like saying it’ll get RED in Roulette because it’s been black 5 times in a row - it’s still the same 50/50 chance every time).

You can’t snipe by jumping into a pool AFTER a block was discovered because you weren’t a part of finding a block so you won’t be part of the reward…

I think the snipper jumps into a pool based on the difficult, he does NOT jump into one coin’s different pools, he jumps into different coins’ pools.

that method is called double up and if a Casino owner finds out you are playing that Method, you probably get bannes from that Casino.

since block farming is quite random at all, it is all about probablity. if after the average amount of time no block has been found, the probability of finding raises (time to find one is reducing). it is still random, but in relation to the average time finding a block, it is more likely to find one soon.

imo sniping (first time heard of it in this thread) makes sense, if you can offer enough hashrate.
ntl it is unfair and you literally steal from other miners/pools.
on the other hand even small hashrates would profit by that method. eventhough by a very small portion, which ia probably not worth the work.

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This is less of a problem on larger mining pools.