Diffuculty increase?

I have 2 1080 ti’s with around 1450 -1500 sol poolside. Until recently I have been averaging a little over .022 a day, with a .01 payout every 10 hours. The past few days have been 12 to 13 our payouts, putting my average velow .02 a day. Is this diffuculty increase normal?

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Yea but its up quite a bit past 2 days

Edit- yep, 10M’s

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I like to think it’s some shiny and cartoonishly large dial they turn up and the humming just gets louder and louder! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Edit- and in that visualization all the computer equipment in the room are powered by gerbils

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Damn, thats a pretty big increase

Yea I imagine a big overcorrection and then a 8M plateau, maybe even higher :grimacing:

My average is down about 100 h/s

I base it on payout. It used to be around 9 hours, now its 13


Im just about the same timeframes too

a lot of ppl are jumping from another coins to mine zcash, we have 30% more hash power since 1 week ago, so we are losing a part of our profit

Coin jumpers should look at bitcoinz, its equihash, zk-snarks, with a 21 billion mint cap
doesn’t look like theres a dev team but i dont know if that matters to those people

So, what is your ideas? will we get difficulty down as newcomers will see that they don’t get promised profit?
Or to hell with monthly/weekly sale what was mined and try to keep it all another 6 months?

your opinions?

My plan is to keep it, but since im a small operation only 2 1080 tis i can afford to. Hopefully once people start to notice the decrease profits they will jump to btg, or another equihash coin

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I’ll try to keep it on local wallet till mid-March. Then will see

And one more observation comparing to BTG. Comparing to BTG difficulty which currently is 3.87 and ZEC difficulty which is 10.6 at this very time we still get the same amout in USD. That is why no one jumps off ZEC I think

I guess @anon47418038 is gonna run HUSH coin, another zk-SNARK capable, equihash crypto, they might look into that! Especially now with a reputable development potential!
Edit- I don’t know the details behind it but it seems like the coin became derelict and was acquired by him

The difficulty is stupid high :confused:

How much faith do you have the zcash?

Yeah , FKC JPM Machine