Why zcashd sent more ZEC in another address?

I used:

$ zcash-cli z_sendmany "t1cnosZyqWtHjxs72Z7gVCvgc646FM6duFo" "[{\"address\":\"t1QcdiDQZakzNX7pr5NFaEdUFNoUe8XvZxh\",\"amount\":0.1}]"

but I received this:

0.2001524 ZEC
0.1 ZEC (U)
0.1000524 ZEC (U)

You can check this in:
Issue Transaction
I didnt generate this address by hands. Yes, I can use this address either like a 1-st but I didnt ask for this action.

Why zcahd has this behavior?

Thanx in advance.

This is normal for Bitcoin and Zcashd. Your wallet has a keypool of 100 addresses and it will choose any of those to send the change from a transaction to.

See: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Change

Note that this only happens with t-addresses, with z-addresses it will be returned to the same address it was sent from.

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