Zcash-cli z_sendmany question


I have a software wallet on my linux machnine. I had mined some ZEC with my 1060 which I would like to send to my Kraken account. I used that command for that:
export TADDR=‘t1PfKXcSA6iEKgJyPF7prkbeKyoksPaZK7s’
export DEPO=‘t1gpkTghbwvsYNxoDi7yZ4jjBywt7y9gH1A’
zcash-cli z_sendmany “$TADDR” “[{"address": "$DEPO", "amount": 0.01}]”

I can see that 0.01 ZEC arrived to my Kraken account but my balance get lowered by 0.02 ZEC!
Here are the logs:
async rpc opid-02995e6b-f586-4957-a24c-811ff99a01be finished (status=success, tx=CTransaction(hash=90c94964db, ver=1, vin.size=2, v
CTxIn(COutPoint(7487714e3b, 89), scriptSig=)
CTxIn(COutPoint(ae88feba08, 111), scriptSig=)
CTxOut(nValue=0.01000000, scriptPubKey=OP_DUP OP_HASH160 fbc0b3d32227)
CTxOut(nValue=0.00990000, scriptPubKey=OP_DUP OP_HASH160 afc1551eaf52)

I tried it again with the same result.
If I check it on the explorer website:

I see that I send 0.04 ZEC instead of 0.02. Why?


z_sendmany should be from a shielded address no?

from my point of view this shouldn’t work since your trying to send from a transparent address.

also sendmany is usually used to send 2 or more transactions. Sending only one transaction I would suggest you “sendfrom” →
or “sendtoaddress” →

you can use Z_sendmany for any transaction. and that’s the preferred method for me.

It looks to me that you sent .01 and paid the .0001 fee and .0099 was returned to a change address.

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You can check the balances of each utxo with listunspent.

What is the “change address”? Is it possible to send coin from that address also?

Yes. They are your addresses too. You should be able to see that your wallet balance has not decreased.

Hello, I am trying to send zec using

zcash-cli sendtoaddress

but by default is a zero balanced account. How could I change the default account?

Answered here: How to send properly zec using cli-wallet? - #2 by garethtdavies

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