Will governments attempt to "ban" private crypt0 in the future?

Do you you guys think certain governments will try and straight out ban crypt0 like ZEC in the future? - or any private blockchain related activity - Zk-SNARKS are some powerful stuff. What if mining / trading ZEC was outlawed?

It is, of course, possible, particularly in certain jurisdictions - being a decentralised system it wouldn’t be feasible to ban it entirely.

The selective disclosure feature that is slated for inclusion in the upcoming release though is interesting in this regard as it would allow you to selectively reveal private transactions (say to a tax authority) if required. Given such transparency is possible, it seems a push that any democratic nation would find grounds to ban it. More info here: How Zcash Tries to Balance Privacy, Transparency in Blockchain | American Banker.

I do think, much like end-to-end encryption, there will be some heated debates on the subject of anonymous cryptocurrencies.