zCash as HTTPS

Zooko and others have often made the analogy between HTTPS and zCash. I remember a bit of the “Crypto Wars” 20 years ago but can’t recall how exactly it was resolved. Govs always don’t like cryptography but they relented back then because the corps needed it to exploit the new medium for commerce. But does this mean govs just allowed most of the internet to go dark to their surveillance? I would think not. How would this be analogized to a world of zCash?


No they still want the “golden keys”, the NSA sequestered help from the public in breaking Zk-SNArKs, they monitor everything and it’s unconstitutional in the US, in order for any evidence obtained to be publicly admissible it must be attained with a warrant (a force of disclosure), admitting to violating the Fourth Amendment would almost assuredly bring about a federal investigation

It’s another analogy, privacy and anonymity AND truth and transparency complement each other when you know where they belong

@joshs and Jack Gavigan (what’s his handle on here?) from the Electric Coin Company have been talking to regulators in various parts of the world. They explain that robust financial privacy is critical for the protection of the citizens, the businesses that national economies rely on, and the information security needs of the state itself. They also deconstruct how Zcash works, showing that Zcash is compatible with regulation, just not with automated mass surveillance.

Josh or Jack would be able to fill in more context, so hopefully one of them will jump in here.

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Maybe something about layer 1 and how if the people aren’t protected on an individual level then you basically have nothing

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I agree - I tweet stormed about that a couple months back.