Graphic cards going down?

Why would all my graphic cards go down? It ran fine for 3 days strait. Now I fall a sleep and get up to all RED.

Watchdog enabled? ,

How? I’m running Simplemining OS.

Not familiar with that one
Google simplemining watchdog, theres videos, i didn’t watch them

No help there. Some don’t talk. And so far it doesn’t work on Simplemining. I maybe going to Windows 10 if they cannot fix Simplemining OS. They only charge $2.00 a month but if it doesn’t work right then it’s no good. I like it because I can check the status on my phone. Temp, fan speed, core, memory, hash rate. Overclock it, reboot it. If frozen you cannot reboot thru you phone. You have be there and power off then power on then start.

for monitoring I saw a post about it, I haven’t try that yet but it sounds promising.

You can monitor your rig with you smart phone already. Been doing for that last 6 days. Thanks anyways.