WTB Bitmain coupon code


Does anyone have any bitmain coupon code?

I’ll offer 25% of total value of the coupon code, searching for highest coupon possible (350$ or even higher)

Looking to Snap Up Some Bitmain Coupons

I should probably have a few $100 coupons I believe. They expire end of May, so I’m not sure if you would want to wait for someone with a higher value coupon or not.


thanks for the reply, I’m currently waiting for an escrow for a 220$ coupon :smiley:


Np! I have 5 of the $100 coupons if you do end up needing them - just let me know!


I also have tons of $100 coupons. Let us know


Can you use more than 1 per order?


I believe you can use one per unit, but not more than one per unit. That’s my understanding at least.

Edit: that assumption comes from this statement:

  1. More than one Coupon cannot be used for the purchase of one miner.


Hi, i have 3 coupons of 420$ if you are still interest, they expire on June 30th. i have 3 of 220$ too, but they expire on June 6th.


I need a few $420. Hit me up if still available


I have 2 x250$ and 1x100$



Anyone with some bitmain coupons?

Searching mainly 200-420$


I got some 100$ coupons.


Anybody selling 200 - 450 USD Bitmain coupons?


All Bitmain coupons that were $250 or higher have expired on 7/15. Do not buy from anyone claiming to have one available.


yeah, thought so, used my remaining 100$ coupons, still better than nothing :slight_smile:


I made sure I used all of mine too…what a shame. Really put us in a tough spot. Gotta pay to play.


Do you have any coupons available that are still valid?


I don’t believe I do sadly. I’ll check tonight and let you know if I do happen to have a few though.


Does anyone have any Bitmain coupons available for sale? I am looking for 9 in any denomination, willing to pay 25% of face value…:sunglasses: