WTB Bitmain coupon code


Pretty sure there are none available at the moment. All i’am aware off expired latest 31.July…


Just got 2 Coupons from Bitmain. 2x 55 USD Coupons for sale:

Coupon Value: 55 USD
Expiry Date: November 30th 2018(GMT+8)
Condition of Use: Coupon can only be used for purchasing miners with retail price of more than 110.00 USD.

Price: 15 USD per coupon. Crypto preferred, but Paypal possible.


10$ in zec for both?


40$ in zec for both? just kidding.

25$ in zec for both, you get 110 for 25, sounds more than fair…

Edit: allready sold now, sorry mate.


I also have one of those $55 coupons if anyone is interested same price etc. as boxalex


I have one available for the price of sending me your bitmain account info in a message via a z-transaction. If you want to do it, let me know and I’ll PM you an address


For some reason i got more 55 USD coupons, 18 all together, 2 are sold, so 16x coupons a $55 are available for sale.

Price: USD 15 in crypto preferred, but paypal possible as well.


Greetings, do those stack?


No, never, always 1 coupon per 1 unit purchased. But there are no other coupons around. These 55$ are the only ones currently in circulation, all others expired allready…


update, 4 more sold, now only 12x $55 coupons available, price $15 per coupon.


That is strange I also logged on and I have 8 available




Here the full report, interesting statistics by the way: https://www.scribd.com/document/386820286/AB-on-Bitmain#download&from_embed


Hello everyone. I have 122 pieces of the 55$ bitmain coupons. Please contact me if you need


I have 122 pieces of the 55$ bitmain coupons. Please contact me if you need


I have 3x USD 55 coupons left. Price USD 10 for each. Payable with crypto (accepting nearly everything) or paypal.


I have 1 usd 55 Bitmain coupon, expiry on 30 november. On sale for 10 with paypal.


I have 3 free usd 55 left, just send me a PM and ill transfer them


4 x 55 usd coupons for sale, .05 ZEC each, expiring Nov 30


Would you please pm me? I didn’t have an account before today and I cannot pm.