Y/ZWallet: mobile app (Q&A)

YZW :black_heart:, but as a newbie to me, there are questions I couldn’t find answers to without the help of the Zcash Community.
In order not to clutter up the thread Zwallet & Ywallet Testing (RELEASED!), I’m moving the initial post with questions and answers on the YZW :iphone: app to this thread for future reference:
Zwallet & Ywallet Testing (RELEASED!) - #187 by sibnia

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[quote=“Autotunafish, post:209, topic:39673, full:true”]
I entered all 24 words from my seed phrase, but button (2) was not active.

@Autotunafish “formatted correctly” what is that supposed to mean?

That might happen if one of the words are not spelled correctly.

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[quote=“JRGB, post:210, topic:39673, full:true”]
Unfortunately, not yet, exactly in the mobile app.
P.S. I have a YZW created on my PC.

Other than that, could there be other options?

Perhaps the forums isnt the right format to give real time chat help…

Join us in the Telegram. we can definitely help you faster there…


Seeds from Ywallet are 24 words…

Sorry, that’s right, 24 words.

So, a few attempts to enter the seed phrase and the YZW mobile app is launched :black_heart:. Most likely my problem was the misspelling of the seed phrase words.

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In the mobile app YZW when logging into the wallet information appeared. I ask Zcash Community to explain this information. Thank you.

Figured it out, I’ll be sure to participate.

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8 days ago using two z-addresses on two different ZW, I created a transaction. If I understand correctly, the send and receive addresses, as well as the Value Transfer should be confidentia. Please confirm my understanding or give explanation of other options. Thank you.

That is correct! z 2 z is private. if you want you tx to be public/visible on the blockchain you can use t addresses, so t 2 t is public.

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@JRGB thank you, very accessible. I am now more interested in the details of the transaction, namely Value Transfe. Should Value Transfe be visible to everyone when using z 2 z?

No, only the tx fee is visable on the blockchain

I see the commission payment, but I also see the amount of coins sent, am I wrong?

At first glance I’d say yes but you’d better post the tx id like how you did with the zecwallet transaction to be sure.

Here you go Transactions - Zchain

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Yep, the tx fee is the only visible value transfered, any other amounts are shielded.

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The default tx fee is recommended because then (ideally) the only visible part doesn’t differ from other transactions.