Need advices

Hello everyone !

I’m new in the ZEC community and on this forum.
I have some questions and I need advices please.
I have a YWallet with some ZEC on it but I see that the seed phrase is visible in the app’s settings, I don’t find it very secure. Do you know if this is normal or changeable?
Is there a more interesting wallet for ZEC?

Also, I am looking to buy without KYC. The only way I have found, and still not ideal, is to buy a stablecoin via ledger and swap it into ZEC. But keeping that on my ledger with what just came out… I’m not a fan.

Well, that’s a lot of questions, sorry!

Thank you to those who have taken the time to read me and see you soon!



For non-kyc buying idk but the seed phrase in the backup tab is put behind the pin/biometric lock when you enable that w/ the protect send and protect open option in the settings tab (I think, thats how mine is)

This is normal, your funds and data in any crypto wallet app are ultimately only as secure as your phone is. Anyone who has access to your phone who can open the YWallet app can see your transaction history and transfer out all of your funds, so making the seed phrase viewable doesn’t increase your risk by much. It’s safest to assume that anyone you trust with access to your phone will be able to perpetually see your transaction history and steal your funds at any future time; this is true of any standard mobile crypto wallet.

For a greater level of security, especially if you have a large ZEC balance, you’ll want to use a hardware wallet. There currently isn’t an easily-available hardware wallet option for shielded ZEC, but you can store transparent ZEC in a Trezor, for example. Using a hardware wallet ensures that even if your computer/phone is infected by malware, it can’t steal your funds, as long as you’re careful to confirm the transaction details on the device’s screen. Just be sure to back up the seed phrase in a safe place (e.g. a safe deposit box) or else you risk losing your funds!

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Maybe you haven’t set any lock on your phone. In ywallet, the seed phrase is always protected by the OS, biometric or passphrase. Optionally, you can also protect launching the app and/or sending funds.

It is not in the settings, you may also be using another wallet.


As seen on ZecHub ^, check out for some KYC free options that have been compiled from the community. As with any CEX, please DYOR.

A great option for holding shielded ZEC is cold storage:

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Thank you for all you answers !
I will look at all the KYC free options to buy my ZEC and I think that I will buy a Trezor to hold with my Ywallet.

It’s cool to chat with you guys !

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Right now only Ledger hardware wallets are able to support shielded Zcash