Y/ZWallet: mobile app (Q&A)

@covfefe thank you for your support, that’s just the way it is.

The YZW mobile app has a Ycash coin. I can assume that the t and z addresses from ZEC also fit Ycash, correct or not?

No, we change the format of the addresses to avoid confusion. Ycash shielded addresses start with “y” and Ycash transparent addresses start with “s”.


@hloo thank you, I figured out Ycash. Created a separate account :call_me_hand: with and ready for action.

@ChileBob are your terms still in effect? I would be grateful for the coins sent.


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Just sent you 1 YEC, enjoy.

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YEC Transaction #29364595188c1d5bab52745ce5bec99c89944f9b11d5197efc0d2b0f2d96af94 :+1: :handshake:

I’ve been on the YZW mobile app for a month now. I love it, I love the simplicity to the quality of YZW.
Mr. @hanh РЕСПЕКТ and УВАЖУХА :+1: :call_me_hand:
Wasn’t paying attention at first, but then I thought about security and got concerned about logging into the YZW mobile app. I couldn’t find any information on my own, so I am turning to you, dear zcash community. Is it possible to protect YZW at the initial stage when logging in? Thank you.

I’m not sure that out of so many professionals in the Zcash Community using YZW could not comment on my post, but come on.
That’s not the question now.
Getting out of YZW on PC. Most uses of crypto wallets have “Close” in the menu. The YZW mobile app doesn’t have such a button, and it’s not needed there. What is the right thing to do with closing YZW on PC if there is no “Close”? Thank you.

Press the ‘X’ on the window title bar

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@pumpkin_patch thank you, you are indeed right. This is what I always do with YZWs. But I am not sure if this is a safe way. I am in favor of “Close” in the YZW menu.

YWallet now available on Windows :slight_smile:


@ChileBob I got the Windows version of YZW before I got the mobile app.

YWallet v1.2.4 is now available!

  • Message Inbox! Browse/reply to your shielded memos!

  • More Platforms! (Including Windows Store!)

  • Enhanced Cold Wallet! 2nd offline/airplane-mode phone can now sign transactions.

(Also does ZEC)


Thank you mr. @hanh for the update. The site YZW :black_heart: is transforming before our eyes.

If Ywallet supports zcash too, is the plan to stop developing ZWallet/warpwallet? It looks like Ywallet gets more attention.

It seems they want to focus on YWallet supporting both Zcash and Ycash, which is similar to Zcash as Ycash is a fork of Zcash.

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Think its just housekeeping, too many variants & names when one wallet does it all. Consolidation, easier to maintain.

After so many months, perhaps a year, there’s still no mention on z.cash/wallets even though it’s the fastest shielded Zcash mobile wallet.

Not at all surprising it headlines as ‘Ywallet, also supports Zcash’.


I agree with you, I don’t get that either.
It should be mentioned with the rest of the other wallets. Who’s supposed to take care of this?

It’s been discussed several times that I’m aware of with the relevant people.

That it’s still not listed already means simply that ‘they don’t want to’.

Reasons are unclear so I suspect politics or ‘not invented here syndrome’, which sucks. It’s not supposed to be like that.