YWallet & Warp Sync

Has any wallet developer been asked for metrics like these? Don’t get me wrong, metrics are nice, but they are not the target. The app should be considered on its own merits. Does it work? Do users like it? Is it trustworthy? Is the applicant capable of delivering what they propose?

Zcash still seems pretty small to me, so a lack of promotion and users can’t be put on the shoulders of any one person.

Besides, from what I can tell, it’s like… the only wallet working. So if a metric were, what percentage of light wallet users are using this product for shielded txns? The answer would likely be very high.

This whole ecosystem doesn’t make too much sense if ppl can’t have the joy of using shielded ZEC. Spending 5% of the current budget (which will be replenished quickly) on the best working wallet implementation seems pretty low risk to me. Just go for it. If it turns out to be a mistake for some reason, big deal. Better to try things and support Zcash workers than to be paralyzed by tedious worries.


As of now, the latest Zecwallet Lite release for desktop works as well as Ywallet.

Is the transaction compute error on Zec Wallet Lite on mobile known and being worked on?
I thought it was working, but then i tried to send a TX and noticed its not fully functional.

This is off-topic for this thread but I haven’t use Zcash on mobile for a while. Too much resource consumed to download blocks data and trial-decrypt everything.

Relevant this grant proposal @ZcashGrants, looks like ECC will implement their own version of improved sync and integrate those into the SDK and librustzcash:

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AFAIK, the synchronization method that the ECC is working on is DAGSync, DAGSync: Graph-aware Zcash wallets - HackMD.

WarpSync aims to give you a fully synchronized wallet, with all your notes spendable as soon as possible. I think these methods are complementary and a wallet could offer the best algorithm based on the user choice.


Don’t know where y’all guys from. But here in Africa :elephant:, no batch-sync implementation fixed my lightwallet syncs (desktop and mobile) - an optimistic 4.0 Mbps.
Str4d please fix me oui

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I would rather have more than 1 sync. Imagine if warp-sync and blaze-sync wouldnt exist? Zcash would already be dead. In a optimal world ECC should have competed with blaze sync and warp sync. Alas, they havnt. ECC havnt even benchmarked their sync vs other sync. It wasnt a priority.

Seems that ECC wont be implementing zcash/warp sync in librustzcash. Maybe the grant should change to reflect that. We can have a community funded sync that has so far outperformed the ECC devs sync.

What about future optimization to warp sync?

The proposal is to add Warp-sync to librustzcash along with the existing synchronization. I didn’t suggest replacing it. Wallet devs can choose what they prefer based on their target usage scenarios. Technically speaking, I don’t see any reason why multiple sync implementations can’t coexist in librustzcash.


Zooko talks about shielded transactions and gives a demo to the host.

Featuring YWallet :slight_smile:


@hanh & Zcash Community members, I am pleased to announce that the @ZcashGrants Committee has voted to approve the retroactive portion of the grant for $300,000 and the documentation milestone for $50,000 for a total of $350,000. Per your conversation with the committee, the wallet will remain a multi-currency wallet with the name “YWallet,” but a condition of the grant is for you to republish the wallet in the Apple App Store under your own account.

In addition, ZCG has decided to hold off voting on the librustzcash PR until they have more information from you, ECC, and other wallet developers. ZCG requests that you close out this portion of the grant and submit it as a new proposal.


Excellent, it’s great to see recognition for all of the great work that @hanh has been doing for the community and Zcash, looking forward to what’s coming next.


Congrats and thank you to @hanh and ZCG!!!


Congrats @hanh keep up the good work.


Great news! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Great news! :smile:


Thank you @ZcashGrants and Zcash community! I am looking forward to continuing improve the app and contributing to the Zcash ecosystem. Shields up!


As agreed, YWallet 1.2.13 is out.

The app is now published under my own account on the Apple App Store.




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The documentation for WarpSync is now available.


This documentation starts with an overview of the purpose and architecture of Lightwallets. It describes the functionalities required by a synchronization library.

The next section describes the Data model. Warp Sync stores its data in a SQLite Database. Each major table is shown and its purpose explained.

Then, we show the synchronization workflow in the section Execution Model.

Feel free to skip ahead to the developer section if you just want to use it.

Developer Guide

We have several integrations.

The easiest is to run as a web service that provides synchronization and account management.

WarpSync can be used as a dynamic linked library from any language that supports FFI C bindings. For an example in JAVA, go to this section.

And finally, if you use rust, WarpSync is a crate that can be incorporated in your project. You will find an example here. The RustDoc is here.