YWallet & Warp Sync

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I understand that it is a request to dilute the YWallet brand, but as many have noted there is some incoherency where ECC is promoting what appears to be a Ycash wallet (despite it being technically indisrciminate to one coin or the other).

Is there a way to deliver a reskinned wallet called ZWallet for a small effort/ budget?

also my general response: Fund this proposal


I am supportive of this grant.

  1. Retroactive funding should absolutely be a tool that can be used.
  2. Ywallet is by far the most reliable wallet under the recent pressure, especially combined with the tech support Hanh has given. We need to reward what works to maintain any sense of a natural selection environment.
  3. Making warp sync more easily available to others is a public good.
  4. Adds to decentralization of development.
  5. We should not be afraid to pay people competitive rates. I think losing or alienating valuable contributors is a MUCH bigger problem than overpaying.

All that being said, I do think a branding change as others have suggested would be ideal.

Good luck :+1:


I want to express my full support of hanh and the great work he has done. Ywallet has been my primary wallet since nearly the begining (I used Zwallet until development was stopped). Its been dependable ever since I’ve started using it. Ywallet was ready for NU5 weeks in advance of the upgrade. Uses hanh invented Warp-sync(zcash-sync), the fastest zcash sync algorithm.

Hanh has been working on this wallet for a very long time and even tho many in the community tried in vain to get ECC to list it, he still kept on developing it and adding many features. I am glad ECC finally listed Ywallet on z.cash.

Warp sync integration into librustzcash cant come fast enough.

I do want to echo what many in the community have said about the branding. I believe it should be changed. Perhaps adding a branding and UI/UX budget to the grant. I think the price tag is abit on the expensive side. I think it should be in line with other wallet grants. But, my slight opposition to the cost should not overshadow my great respect and support for hanh’s work and this grant.


To clarify,

Quoting @madars,

  • Over 3 years, Zcash Foundation and ZOMG has awarded $435 000 to support development of ZecWallet Lite mobile and desktop wallets and infrastructure (plus earlier funding in the desktop-only era). ZecWallet Lite is Zcash-first.

The requested retroactive YWallet funding amount here is $300 000. That is much less than ZecWallet Lite.


It’s worth every cent.

The branding is fine, it’s a multicurrency wallet with a friendly fork history.


This proposal is a lot of money? Can you give us some user data on your completed projects: cold wallet, BTCPayServer Integration, number of downloads, current live internet usage of btcpayserver? What have you done to promote the usage of your past complete projects? Thanks

Unfortunately, I don’t have user metrics since these projects are not hosted. Anyone can build from source code.

If you have no metric for user data how can you communicate the success of your past work and ZCG investments? What have you done to promote the usage of past projects: workshops, articles, etc

It looks like you build out cool ideas that no one is using? No effort to build usage organically.

How can the community invest $500 000 for maybe what appears to be 400-1000 ywallet users? No plan or past examples of building organic users?

The numbers and past investments make this project look like like a poor ROI.

Let’s agree to disagree.

In my opinion, having a reliable, fast wallet that showcases all the great features of zcash is of utmost importance. Especially during these trying times when every other wallet has suffered from the transaction output increase.

Over the past weeks, I have helped many users who would have had their funds locked away if YWallet wasn’t there.


When anyone is asking for $500 000 and can’t or is unwilling to provide user metrics for past projects or past work examples to promote their previous completed projects is communicating they have no users, no user metrics, no effort to promote their own work.
Is a loudspeaker to everyone this project wants to be held to a different standard then every other current & future project.

No user metrics, no effort to promote past ZCG funded projects, no plan to address concerns raised.

This project should not be funded !

I tried to address your concerns, but

  • The Cold Wallet is designed to run offline, off the grid.
  • BTCPayServer is a self-hosted solution. Users do not need to register anywhere.

I’m not sure how I can get user metrics.

For what’s worth, YWallet is the featured wallet on the z.cash website.

Thanks for sharing your feedback.

Ywallet is great

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