Z cash files to backup

Ubuntu 16.04lts has been crashing randomly lately. It doesn’t matter if I’m running zcash or not.
Before I format and reinstall what parts of zcash do I need to back up?

You need to backup 2 hidden folders in your home/user/
.zcash (your wallet)
.zcash-params (your sprout.key)

saving all of ~/.zcash/ will copy the blockchain up until you shut down zcashd, which will save you time when you’re back up as you won’t have to resync the entire zcash blockchain. ~/.zcash/wallet.dat is your wallet with the private key(s) in it, and is the most important file to backup and keep safe (and private!)


Thanks, I wasn’t sure of what to copy.

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SO, If no mining work, just backup wallet.dat is enough.

even if you ARE mining, all you really need to backup is wallet.dat, it’ll just take longer to re-download the blockchain when you come back up if you’ve deleted the other stuff