Wallet.dat, private key, z & t addresses - what to backup?

Where can I find an instruction on how to backup my generated wallets?

Is private key got via z_exportkey enough? Or should I also backup wallet.dat file? Maybe something else?

I can’t even find a list of RPC commands for zcash_cli… list t_addresses, etc, etc… No docs at all.


Same, Do let us know about backing up wallet and keys.

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Docs here (probably should be easier to find) → zcash/payment-api.md at master · zcash/zcash · GitHub

Use z_exportwallet to back up all your t and z address keys.


Oh cool, after backup up, killing zcash daemon process, and trying to recreating from backup - my wallet file and backup became 0 bytes. Super…

Good that I haven’t yet mined much. Fkng linuxes…

UPD: phew… found it in one more backup folder I accidentally drag&dropped it to. Lucky.

UPD2: Although wallet.dat didn’t help to recover z address. But luckily I also had some string via z_exportkey and managed to import it back via z_importkey. Holy crap that’s all messed up…
And to export z wallet I guess you should do z_exportwallet.

Anyways, now that all z wallets have bug, need to switch to t wallet, and there is even less documentation about t wallets…

That’s very worrying, thanks for sharing your experience

We really need a solid backup procedure that is well tested

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zcash-cli z_exportwallet wallet.txt

running this command in another window after opening zcashd will export wallet info to a document in your home folder.

and how do I restore?

You can use backupwallet option to backup your wallet:

./src/zcash-cli backupwallet my_backed_up_wallet.dat

How often do we need to back it up? Like if we leave coins in there and lose the wallet thru a PC crash … are the coins since the last backup gone? Thanks

I probably didn’t spend enough time on it but it would be good to have a sort of backup best practices post. I was also wondering if there is a method to store our ZECs offline. Is this export method, and storing the data on a secure device the proper way to go? (excuse my ingenuity).

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We plan to make some official documentation for this process as well. Stay tuned.



Inside the pass “~/.zcash” there is the file zcash.conf

Within zcash.conf there is the expression rpcurser
Then, before this expression exists the symbol “=”
And it will be before “=” that you describe which directory to save backup and private key.

Note to the following: It will only accept the name all together. Therefore, no bkp_data-from-today.dat, for example, nor privatekey_data-today.

I hope I have helped.

Paige, any official method documented here?

Backup instructions have been written & reviewed… they’ll be merged into 1.0.9 release docs but for now, you can read them here: zcash/wallet-backup.md at 4088ac68dbabb0216e1fb008c19cb81d6292abfd · ioptio/zcash · GitHub

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