Z-cash Telegram chats

Dear Z-cash community. We, a team of enthusiasts, are pleased to inform you about our project https://ztalk.info/ which logs all important telegram chats related to Z-cash. We believe that Z-cash Chats will be a valuable addition to the Z-cash ecosystem. During the work of the site, we have already received a large number of positive feedback from community members. The project is under active development. The project has its own team of programmers, ready at any time to solve new technical problems and make new improvements.

What is implemented at the moment:
You can read your favorite chats in a convenient form for you through https://ztalk.info/ The site is optimized for work also on mobile devices. There is a search by keyword and date. It is possible to read the chat you want in your native language using Google Translate. The translation is not perfect, but it will allow you to receive the latest news as quickly as possible from the first sources. For example, you can use our site to read Russian, Italian and other versions of Z-cash telegram chat.

In the near future, we plan to add the ability to share a specific telegram post in social networks. On the one hand, this will allow you to share interesting content with your friends and subscribers, and on the other hand, it will positively influence the development of Z-cash’s popularity as a whole.

There is a lot of work ahead, we have planned a huge number of interesting and useful improvements. If you have any suggestions for improving our site, please write - we will try to take everything into account and use it in the further development of the site.

If you think that some important chat related to Z-cash is missing on our site, please write and we will add it.


✓ decrease scrolling time by about 25%
✓ selected relaxing background, increased fonts
✓ added translator to mobile version
✓ user elements are centered in the header
✓ added “More” button - allows you to go to the message context
✓ small improvements in message ranking