Z to z transactions?

hello zeds

I just made the mistake of trying to compile zcash on an RPi - lots of dependency errors ironed out but then the g++ errors eventually beat me … and this with a 4.9.2 gcc installed which I understood was good for c++ 11.
ah well…

I wanted this because it was the only option I could find for possibly doing z-addr to z-addr transactions. the likes of shapeshift will output to but not take in from, a z-addr.

so my question is, can zcash-cli/zcashd be used to connect to a full node in order to just submit z2z transactions (at this moment I haven’t given much thought to running as a node myself)?
and, is there currently any apps/services out there capable of doing this?

ok, one more…: how can one view a z-addr balance?!


Yes, the official Zcash client (node) you build via the official guide at: Home · zcash/zcash Wiki · GitHub Is currently the only way to conduct a Z to Z transaction.
The process of encrypting (JoinSplit operation) Z transactions​ currently takes about 3GB of RAM so many lite wallets don’t support it. The team has made good progress on reducing the memory required (by about 50%) but it has not been released yet, when that happens I’m sure you will see more applications like mobile wallets adopt Z-transactions.
You can find a list of commands to use with the Zcash RPC here: zcash/payment-api.md at master · zcash/zcash · GitHub
And many (but not all) of the Bitcoin core RPC commands also work: Original Bitcoin client/API calls list - Bitcoin Wiki

thanks for that useful info.
and the viewing of a z-addr balance?
I ask because I read somewhere the viewing key isn’t supported yet in a full node… and I take that to mean the current zcashd/cli.

When running the Zcash Client you can use z_gettotalbalance to see the balance of both T and Z addresses. And z_sendmany to send T-T, T-Z, Z-T, and Z-Z

The separate viewing key functionality has not been implemented yet.

I’ve probably got inputs and outputs confused… Could you rephrase what you said about using shapeshift and z_addresses? I haven’t tried it but I expected that there would be no problem to spend from a z_address to a t_address provided by shapeshift.

Any clu when the reduced mem shielded tx PoC going to be available for devs to benchmark or is this only going to be available publicly only once fully ready for replacing current bloat?

@Voluntary I sent coin from from a private z_address to a public t_address on bittrex with no problem what so ever. hope this helps.

ah, it won’t build on a raspberry pi…I’ve ported it to arm64, but the pi’s processor just isn’t fully 64 bit enough to build libsnark

If you have a mac or windows machine and not just linux or the RaspPi you mentioned, you can run my ports at https://zcash4win.com and https://zcash4mac.com too