Z9 performance and general discussion


No…just replacing the FW. But…I did it on both Batch 2 and 3. It improved the 3 and decreased a bit the 2’s performances. I had many at 675, now 650 is the max. Considering to roll back the 2s. I will buy more batch 3 now, the Mini are almost over.


This neat, (it doesn’t support the z9 yet) its a linux based OS for asic, its still alpha


if any of you running Z9 at over 625 you will burn processor power supply on the board with in a week or so, you need to modify each PCB, with 2 additional power supply chips, otherwise you can run them 625/618 for efficiency and stable work. My Z9s are running at 55KH/s.



Thanks for sharing your data, had no idea about the z9 reaching 55K.

How much power consumption @ 55K?


about 1230W on the average, to run in Overclock mode you need to flash Firmware with hacked one, then advance setting is unlocked to Freq., list instead Balanced or Turbo


@ZoNeMsTeR So when you say you need to modify each PCB with 2 additional power supply chips what do you mean exactly? as i am interested in flashing this to my Z9’s but do not want to burn them up in the process… Thank you…



Ahh well if i wasn’t to do this is there any other safe feq to use above stock or would the units burn out? Thank you.


you can get the , “@smartass111mod” and you can run it safely at 618 frequency, make sure you don’t get the chips get hotter than 80c or they will degrade, 612-618-625 are the safest frequencies no matter what anyone says. That will make your z9 run at about 54-55KH/s on the average, that is about 10-11% gain from stock turbo.


Thank you for this info im gonna have to move some of machines around then because out of my 9 three of them are showing chip temps between 80 - 83C… Currently have 6 of them in a grow tent with an intake and an exhaust fan but until winter gets here may need to find a different solution…


These are pictures from the Z9Mini and not the Z9. Further, these are pictures of a batch1 vs later batch boards and not a modification someone has performed.

This image keeps popping up but the one who originally posted it is a ghost.

So if this not is the modification you made up your Z9s to get 55k… start with some truth, please.

-efudd: the guy doing Z9 firmware


Not sure how to quote in this forum… but smarty’s nod is an unlock… and if you’ll read the responses, there are many problems folk ran into. Further, you’ll note that he actually points people to my firmware in a later response.

As far as chip temps go, please keep temps under 75C.

I’m unaware of anyone burning out a VRM (that’s one of the “missing”’ pieces in that picture) who was not also modifying voltage, or attempting to.

Mis-information is not a cool thing to pass around.

Thank you,

Jason aka “efudd”, the original Z series firmware modder.


I run 100 z9 on a modified Firmware getting 5.5 MH/s (not yours, but based on yes) and they are all ok if under 625, and that is without any hardware modifications, secondly, there are at list 5 different versions of your mod out there and yes some have gave me trouble. Third, the Chip temp on my z9 and z9minis when it reached above the 75c, it had gave me a lot more Discarded shares, of , + more energy consumption. and its no misinformation its based on the facts.


The misinformation is the implication of board modifications necessary, plus the statement that you will burn boards out.

Don’t run above 75C. Find the frequency that gives you the highest kSol (which isn’t always the largest number). … to your point about energy consumption.

As far as other mods… no comment. My next version will allow overclocking of individual boards to get the most out of each, instead of limiting it to the whole system. No one else will have that, and the image will be node locked.

I provide more than just an overclock, I also provide excellent customer service before and after the sale.

I have customers with one node, and customers your size.

If you’d like to move to a well supported firmware, hit me up on bct. Being able to clock boards individually will have marked benefits at a scale such as yours.



Out of curiousity, you only provide a mod for Z9 or for the Z9 mini batch 2+ as well?

edit: just saw on the other topic you will working after the Z9 on the mini.


I intend to add the functionality beyond the unlock to both the Z9 and the Mini.

I will provide details when it is available, but the Z9 is definitely first as I already have customers waiting on that.

Thank you!



I run into a modified board, wether it was modified by you or not, don’t know, but it did crash. I reposted the picture that was send to me, your work is appreciated much, without guys like you there wouldn’t be Crypto space. and yes I’ll take you up on the offer.
I have a different question, Durning some hours 100 beach of z9’s are showing as 200 at flypool, actually doing work and registering as double, getting paid as double, they work normally, the protocol is sending the single work packets, but I still get the x2 work paid, do you know anything about it?


It’s happening to everyone, some anomality but I like it :stuck_out_tongue:


@ZoneMster - Unfortunately I’m unaware of that 2x multiplier… my miners missed out on that! Bonus payouts are a win, lol!