Z9 performance and general discussion


Its luck, I didn’t check this morning when it happened but flypools found 77 blocks in past 24hr but only 6 in the past 6hr


I was wondering what was happening. I had this for the last 2-3 days for a few hours each.


I have released a non-paid unlocked Z9 overclock firmware version 2.0 that includes the ability to overclock individual boards. It is dev fee supported and available at http://releases.broked.net

Get 55-60kSol out of your Z9s! More features coming soon.

Thank you!



Nice, but wouldn’t be including a custom voltage settings for each hashboard be even better?


From the BCT thread and from the website, I’ll put this quote here for you:

"In the near future I will be adding support for fan/temperature control curves, voltage management(TBD), automatic overclocking capabilities through heuristics to evaluate your individual board performance, and much more. I have a pipeline full of ideas that can be applied to the Z series and other miners alike. "

… would love to add voltage management… and I will when/if I can – this is not a source based modification… it is an assembly/op code based modification… so things are not exactly easy or quick to do.

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I’ve corrected an issue with the “developer fee” running too often on the Z9 in version 2.0c – it is a recommended upgrade for any Z9 user.


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I’m trying to calculate the average profit for a new machines batch. I’m trying to predict how the difficulty will grow up from Dec 2018 to the end of Nov 2019 and use an average level. Perfectly aware it isn’t an easy task I stll would like to know how would someone, prudentially, calculate it.



P.S. A Z9 Mini 4th batch is coming, Wednesday the 31 available in Shenzhen. Still no idea about the FW and the possible tricks, I will have one in my hands for a couple of hours at the warehouse, then I will decide :grin:


@brunospino Here’s a good profitability calculator that allows you to factor in monthly difficulty growth: http://www.mycryptobuddy.com/ZCashMiningCalculator

I used a monthly average growth rate of 20% when I did my projections in the summer, but it turned out to be too optimistic as the monthly growth has averaged about 45% since August. I would estimate the average monthly growth rate for the next year to be somewhere in between, but it’s anyones guess.

It’s surprising that Bitmain is even making a fourth batch considering the third batch will likely not see ROI unless the price of ZEC increases substantially. Perhaps Bitmain is trying to dump the rest of it’s inventory before the ZEC price drops even more.


Thanks for the link. I will give a try.

Well, it is a bit strange about this 4th batch. Not listed in the website, maybe is for China only. No sense to pay shipping, duty, VAT and, maybe, expensive energy.

The “local” price isn’t bad at all, better than batch 3 on the website. Here it is still profitable, but the game is different, I buy and switch on in 24/48 hours with basically no extra cost.
If I can load the the Batch1 firmware and run them at 731 with 16,5K average. I will buy some…


Great website, prudential as it should.


What do you all think of the post @zooko made about changing the algorithm by next Oct.? Do you think Bitmain and Innosilicon will continue to invest in more powerful miners? Or will they make a few more batches and call it quits? Zooko stated that his intention isn’t to brick current hardware so it sounds like a probable multi-algo solution. Maybe Bitmain and NiceHash could neutralize each other if the algo is adjusted properly.

I personally believe that if we got enough advance notice, I would be fine with bricking the current ASIC’s. I don’t plan on buying any more ASIC’s anyway and I would make enough profit by then to be happy with the decision if ZCashCo goes to full GPU mining again. I could sell them all by next summer as well. I kept all of my GPU’s in the hope that ETH and ZEC would return to decentralized GPU mining, which are the two projects I am excited about the most.



Does anyone have a problem with getting payments from Zcash Flypool? I have two Z9 mini miners. Miners working fine, payments go out but nothing comes in to the wallet. Something I should do after Sapling?


which wallet do you use?


Yesterday I migrate from Jaxx to Jaxx Liberty.


I never used it, but i always heard bad things about, pretty sure, but not knowing, that they are behind in updating Sapling. I would install another wallet get a new address, change it on your miners and then wait until Jaxx gets the updates and later move all what you have on Jaxx to the new wallet.
But maybe they are already up to date and so best, I guess, is contacting them directly.


I have just installed WinZec. Is this wallet appropriate?


I personally don’t use it anymore, but radix42 is a nice guy and is working hard at his wallet.
just be sure to get it synchronized completely at 100%, it will take some time


I will try with WinZec. The manufacturer has an update for Sapling. I will write here about the effects.

And what about with mined ZEC for this moment?



you can still mine on the jaxx address, but you’ll have to wait until the update is done to see them again.

we are going off topic here. if you have more questions, just write me a pm.