Z9 performance and general discussion


So, no OC for the big Z9:


Chrome fix :x: Not working
SSH / WinSCP fix :x: Not working


thanks for sharing this info!


mini owner days are over LOL


Not if you have enough minis running :wink:


INdeed. If they have really really locked down the overclocking on Z9 bigs, three minis still are a good cost competitive solution.

I think the real elephant may be efficiency… if the hashrate goes up as quickly as it has been then the inno A9 will be the only profitable option soon!


I imagine they will lock down the future mini batches as well. The chrome fix was disabled and you have to flash the firmware. I imagine they will find a way to stop that too.


Does it really matter? I mean from now on purchasing new asics is mostly wasted money … expect if you have lowest electricity costs, but i doubt many have such … From now buying ZEC is mostly the better and safer option in my opinion…


Asics value is 99% correlated to that of the crypto they mine (1% scrap value). So I’m tending to agree with this somewhat. I am thinking about unloading mine on ebay or on the forum. I see lots of recent ebay sales at $900


Is anybody know what type of chip is near 16f1704 on hashboard z9m. It is mark as FENZ. 8pin soic. I know that it is EEPROM memory, but cann’t find it type.


for the Z9mini fan hater like me, you could maybe try something like that, I didn’t read through yet, but I don’t want to keep it for me until then :slight_smile:


With the Chrome method I figured out that you have to select “balance” in the Box (and not “blank”) before you save the settings otherwise it’ll reset the 500
Im at stable 700 now (getting cooler outside)

And yes Its only been since last night Ill letya know when a chain fails (I think thats more a power supply issue)(got warm, turned back down)


Really? I found just the opposite. If I leave it blank it stays and if I choose balance it resets to 500. That is after I set it. I don’t have to select anything in the box before I save, I just save it.


That doesn’t work for mine, weird
It changes to blank after its set but since I change the “balance=x”, it has to be set to Balance to accept the speed i want


It is supposed to write it to the bitmain_freq from the balance setting. Balance always stays at 500 for me, but it writes it to bitmain_freq.


Well whatevers clever!


Do you have a copy of the batch 2 August 12 firmware? I cant find it anywhere…


does someone know which hash board is number 3, the one on the left or the right at a Z9 mini?


If we go by refdes of the connectors, J3 is the one on the right as viewed from the front(fan) side


The Batch3 at 700 looks fine :wink:

My advice…do not push it at 750, I’ve burnt one card after a couple of days and the performance was almost the same.


Did you have to mess with the VRM to get that?