Zbay - marketplace built on zcash

A new interesting project based on zcash. I see some of the active people here are involved or already are aware of the project.

It looks quite nice and ambitious !


Yes, it looks pretty cool, I’m going to join the Beta.

This thread can be used for feedback if others also join the Beta :grinning:


I just gave it a try.
It looks good, but I couldn’t figure out how to make a sale though.

I think the idea is great :slight_smile:

Hey! I’m the founder of the Zbay project. I’m glad you like the idea!

To sell something, you click the “+” button on the right side of the message field, and then “post an offer”. (This is also where you attach funds to a message if you want to do that.)

We’ve heard from a few people who had a hard time finding it though, so we’re considering changes to make it more discoverable. We just worked on some designs on Friday and it would be awesome to get your feedback!

You can see them here in our Figma project:


And here’s a screenshot:

If you saw this “Selling” item in the sidebar, that would have been pretty clear, right?


Also, there’s a bunch of work in the Figma project that we haven’t implemented yet, so it’s a great way to see where we’re headed and I’d love feedback on any part of this!

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How are you making sure fraud is less & all offers are valid? so buyers can feel confident about using zbay.

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Hey there,

I tried on macOS. It worked at first launch but never could launch it again anymore, despite applying an update.

It loads indefinitely after signing up.

Any idea how to solve this?

Can you post screenshots of the loading screen?

If you’re comfortable with Terminal and the command line, can you run this command and paste the results here or in a DM? (I’m guessing you are but I don’t want to assume!)

tail -f ~/Library/"Application Support"/Zcash/debug.log

What’s the best way to communicate low-latency? I’m holmesworcester on discord, and 614-465-6371 on Signal or Whatsapp. You could also join our Slack here.

@dontbeevil good question! there are three approaches we’ve been thinking about:

  1. Moderation. Channel owners can keep out scammers by hiding listings, preventing scam sellers from posting, requiring that sellers be whitelisted or individual items for sale be approved before becoming visible to users. Some of this (hiding listings and silencing users) is possible now. Channel owners can send special messages that tell Zbay to hide certain posts or certain users’ posts.

  2. Staking or proof of burn. Channel owners can require sellers make a deposit, which would be possible right now. Or users can prove their accounts are “real” by donating to a good cause like EFF, Fight for the Future, Zcash Foundation, etc in a provable way, e.g. donating to an address controlled by that organization whose viewing key is public. I’m also interested in a way to make purchase amounts and user feedback public without making other order information like shipping address public—this would let us show a ratio of “estimated open orders” to “seller deposit” and if this ratio is way out of wack, warn users and moderators about the risk of an exit scam.

  3. Escrow. Channel owners could string this together now by “selling” the items themselves, paying a seller, hold funds until the user receives the product, and take a cut for their trouble. We could build some automation or admin tool to support this. When 2/3 multisig is available for shielded transactions we could use this approach instead, to protect against exit scams by the channel owners themselves. OpenBazaar uses this approach, but I’m not sure how well it’s working.

#2 seems the most powerful to me because it doesn’t require a third party.

Oh! And I’m also really interested in letting users publish the list of items they buy or sellers they buy from. This way if you have some contacts in the app you could browse their items vouched for by your contacts.

Hey there,

Thanks for your support!

Here is the result the command:

2020-04-19 18:32:16 Received a POST request for / from
2020-04-19 18:32:16 ThreadRPCServer method=getinfo
2020-04-19 18:32:17 Received a POST request for / from
2020-04-19 18:32:17 ThreadRPCServer method=getinfo
2020-04-19 18:32:18 Received a POST request for / from
2020-04-19 18:32:18 ThreadRPCServer method=getinfo
2020-04-19 18:32:19 Received a POST request for / from
2020-04-19 18:32:19 ThreadRPCServer method=getinfo
2020-04-19 18:32:20 Received a POST request for / from
2020-04-19 18:32:20 ThreadRPCServer method=getinfo
2020-04-19 18:32:21 Received a POST request for / from
2020-04-19 18:32:21 ThreadRPCServer method=getinfo
2020-04-19 18:32:22 Received a POST request for / from
2020-04-19 18:32:22 ThreadRPCServer method=getinfo
2020-04-19 18:32:23 Received a POST request for / from
2020-04-19 18:32:23 ThreadRPCServer method=getinfo
2020-04-19 18:32:24 Received a POST request for / from
2020-04-19 18:32:24 ThreadRPCServer method=getinfo

And the screen is just the second wone after signing in. It shows the logo, Zbay, “Welcome back”, a purple rectangle with the loading animation and “connecting to Zcash network”.

(A bit too lazy to to the screen dump now … :slight_smile:

I’ll check Slack.

Something new from the same command line:

2020-04-19 18:33:47 init message: Loading wallet...
2020-04-19 18:33:48 Received a POST request for / from
2020-04-19 18:33:48 ThreadRPCServer method=getinfo
2020-04-19 18:33:48 nFileVersion = 2010151
2020-04-19 18:33:48 Keys: 103 plaintext, 0 encrypted, 103 w/ metadata, 103 total
2020-04-19 18:33:48 ZKeys: 1 plaintext, 0 encrypted, 1 w/metadata, 1 total
2020-04-19 18:33:48  wallet                  933ms
2020-04-19 18:33:48 init message: Rescanning...
2020-04-19 18:33:48 Rescanning last 245 blocks (from block 797693)...

I guess I need to be a bit more patient and wait for the block scan to be complete? I did left it running for quite a while yesterday without noticing any change…

In case others find this thread helpful, we think the problem here was that Zbay was trying to use the zcashd included with an existing Zcash install and it wasn’t working properly.

This is still an area where we’re polishing things. We want to let people make use of their existing full node if they have one, but there are a few different cases we have to sort through.


I would like to interject that having to install zbay and also having to pay to send messages makes it worse than slack and other platforms in my opinion. Also, I feel like craigslist would be even more secure than zbay because there is no account information to be compromised. My way of doing things is to find a problem, then solve it, rather than making a solution and finding a problem.

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This is a good idea

need to improve the flaws of open bazar and need some privacy improvements