Z-Go! New app


I have created a simple point-of-sale application to help people interested in accepting Zcash as payment.

It uses Zcash memos to link the web session to the vendor’s wallet, and then helps the vendor manage orders and prompt customer’s for payment with Zcash URI standard QR codes.

I’ve uploaded a simple slideshow walk through here.

I’d love to hear feedback from the community, I’m currently looking into hosting options to make this available.


Welcome to the forum @pitmutt!

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For now, I’m focused on Zcash.

Zcash is the best option for this use case, direct payments for goods and services.


Quick update:

  • Server is up! Visit zgo.cash for a preview.
  • Fullnode synced and operational.

Another quick update:

  • A new end-to-end preview on small screens is up. Visit zgo.cash to check it out.
  • Go-live imminent!

The open beta of ZGo.cash is live!

Watch the demo, try it out and please provide your feedback.

A big thank you to @michaelharms70 for graciously answering my questions over z2z memos.


I’m missing something here I think. I open the webpage on my laptop, take a pic with my camera, and and send the funds from my ZECWallet-lite on my phone. Then nothing. I figured I would be redirected or something when I went back to the site and pressed the login button on my phone?

I tried to do everything on my laptop after that but the “wallet link” URL returns a 404, and on my phone, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do either after the login procedure.

What am I doing wrong?

The site should update once the transaction is seen on the blockchain and count down the confirmations needed. Once the transaction has 10 confirmations, it will send you a z-memo with your session PIN and update to let you enter it.

Did you receive a PIN in your wallet?

Thank you for trying the app and providing feedback!

Hi, I checked the logs in the server and I see your transaction but it didn’t have a reply-to Z-address, without it, ZGo can’t send you your validation PIN, and can’t set up a shop attached to that Z-address.

I’ll add some messaging about this, I think I’ll also need to add an option for users to re-send their Z-address for the minimal memo amount.

I’d be happy to return your ZEC if you can provide me with your address.

Also, there was a bug with the wallet link, that I have corrected.

The intent of the link is to allow people that are trying to use ZGo on the same device that they have their wallet in. On mobile, the link prompts your wallet to open to the transaction, I’ve tested this with Nighthawk. On desktop, it opens ZecWalletLite but it doesn’t automatically populate the transaction. However, you can copy the link and then enter it in the “Pay URI” field in desktop ZecWalletLite.

Ah, Okay that explains a rhetorical question I asked myself, which I should have included in my original post: “Um… the documentation said it uses my ‘Reply-To’, but I see no checkbox to include the reply-to for the memo in my phone”.

Okay just so you know exactly the steps I followed so you can bug-traq, I initiated on desktop (Everything ZECWallet-Lite), since I got a 404 on the address link, I used my phone to scan the image, I didn’t see where I could enable the reply-to to be included in the memo.

And yes, that always gets me when I start something on my phone and receive a QR Code, because I wonder how I’m supposed to scan the image lol. Not all of the time, but I see it a lot. When I see QR Codes, I generally think that the logical function is to switch from desktop to phone to continue :slight_smile:

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Follow up…

I did consider, once having scanned the code with ZECWallet-Lite, and received the send to address, to copy/paste the address into a secure messenger to myself, pick it up on my desktop OS, and paste it into the ZECWallet-Lite on my laptop… but didn’t.

That might be a lot to expect from the average n00b :wink:

Not a problem, I appreciate your efforts. This is important stuff. I’m not really that much of an investor or specular, especially NOT an active trader, but rather, a FOSS and privacy advocate who works toward the adoption of privacy respecting systems and crypto as a means of fast, affordable, daily commerce - especially for things like candy bars, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and other inexpensive items which leave a ZERO use case with respect to things like ETH and BTC.

I’ll give it another shot this evening, but also wanted to offer you an account on one of my Fediverse servers? There are a lot of privacy concsious folks who simply will not participate or visit Twitter, and having a presence to cross-post your announcements would considerably extend the reach of your project’s development to a demographic that are already concerned about such things.

I tried to find a way to PM you, but couldn’t find a way either here, on Twitter, or via your website. You can reach me directly via Matrix via @tallship:matrix.org and I’m not sure if I can receive direct messages here, but haven’t done anything to prevent them.

If you do want an account, I can round up a few FOSS advocates to actively boost your posts there in the Fediverse.

Thanks again for your efforts :slight_smile:

I personally only use Nighthawk on my phone, there is a check-box right under the memo field to include the reply-to. I tried downloading ZecWallet Lite on my phone but it’s not opening for me, it just flashes the screen white for a second and closes.

I do use ZecWallet Lite on my laptop, and it does have a check-box to include the reply-to (it only becomes visible when there’s a z-address as the recipient), I assumed the mobile app would have similar capabilities. On Linux, clicking on the wallet link opens ZecWallet Lite but does not immediately set up the transaction for the user. However, if you right click the link in ZGo and copy it, you can use the “Pay URI” field (File > Pay URI, or Ctrl+P) to paste it and have the transaction prepared for you.

I have thought that it would be a nice to add a field to the Zcash URI standard to check the box automatically for the user.

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The new version of the ZGo website is up.


:sunglasses: :zcash: :hearts:

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How does it go from Zcash to USD? Seems like we need a stable coin like ZUSD to make this work without leaking user info.

ZGo operates exclusively on Zcash. It displays the fiat equivalency at the time, and I am working on enabling currencies other than USD for this equivalency.


ZGo now supports USD, EUR, GBP, CAD and AUD as currencies for setting the prices of goods and services, providing the Zcash equivalency with up-to-the-minute price feeds.


Considering the USD is currently going down a poop shute, with no signs of it’s devaluation slowing down in the face of rampant inflation, can you make it possible to set an option for the prices in the store’s backend in USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, etc., instead? and have the conversion be the actual price that the merchant accepts in ZEC?

i.e., We’re used to comparing cryptocurrency prices to USD or BTC, and everything is relative, but the dollar is sliding and as a merchant I would:

  • Set the price of my “T-Shirts or Widgets” in Dollars, coz I know what they cost me in dollars and how much I need to charge to make a profit… TODAY.

  • Want to accept the equivalent of those funds, valued in USD, as ZEC, according to TODAY’s equivalency. i.e., x ZEC right now = $20 USD, which is what I need to gross 15% over my cost in USD for that inventory.

  • Otherwise, I might need to visit my store three times a day and adjust the amount of ZEC manually, after calculating what that equals in USD.

That is, in essence, how it works when I list an item like say, a T-shirt for $20 and enable PayPal as the Merchant Gateway. PayPal automatically converts it to GBP or AUD so people who have those currencies set as their default can see how much they’re going to pay in their native currency, while I as the merchant know how much I’ll be charging in my native currency.

On another note, I sure wish you had a Git repo since this would be much more appropriate in the form of an issue requesting a feature for your platform. Gitea and GitLab are excellent platforms for that, and people could also issue PRs to contribute :slight_smile:

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