Zcash 1.0.6 Release

Time to update your nodes!

This release focuses on improving functionality and usability of low-level interfaces used by external software interfacing with Zcash, and on bolstering several security components.

Read more about the changes in this release: New Release: 1.0.6 - Electric Coin Company


Command-line only binaries for 1.0.6 of my port to Windows are at:

I’ll be posting an updated beta of zcash4win that incorporates it later tonight or tomorrow


what do you mean, I use zaddrs all the time

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Shielded transactions with z_addresses work. What problems are you having?

Can you mine to them?

The protocol specifies that all mining is done to transparent addresses for accounting reasons and subsequently, all coinbase UTXOs must be spent to shielded addresses.

I’m curious about your reasoning for wanting to mine directly to shielded addresses…