Zcash and Atomic Swap

Does zcash2 support atomic swap?

it was being worked on, but seems to have been abandoned https://github.com/zcash-hackworks/zbxcat

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There is an issue on github - https://github.com/zcash-hackworks/zbxcat/issues/36
I can’t find worker example. And this feature doesn’t like working in zcash.

Supposedly barterdex supports it, this is the latest release but idk

really a shame, because i can think of all kinds of cool financial products that could be built with this tech.

ZBXCAT doesn’t look like it would be too difficult to update for Zcash 2.0.2 it’s just not something the Electric Coin Company is able to spend resources on for the next couple network upgrades.

If someone could find a Developer to work on it this could be a good candidate for funding via the Foundation Grant program: https://grants.zfnd.org

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I think further development for any transparent address stuff isn’t on the roadmap, as the long-term plan is to remove them.