Zcash and Jaxx Announce ZEC approved and live on iOS Appstore

Thank you for your help!

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WeServeGlobal group is rapidly forming into a Zcash working group with a aim of exponential change in many vertical mainly focused on healthcare and vision.We have a slack where we are reaching a tipping point. We now will be reaching out to @zooko ( and the whole of the respected and esteemed Zcash Electric Coin Company ) and @adiiorio for advise and guidance on how to bootstrap our provisional working group with our mission to :- 1. Global elmination of refractive eyecare solutions with a view to winning www.endblindnessby2020.com/. 2. Epic other stuff.

We have a slack www.projectweserve.slack.com
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hi dear
at first i should apologize for my week language
h have problem with jaxx
i have a desktop jaxx wallet and purchase .082 BTC by this address 1DXqWqpQuJRYzfF94vHUxfiynM3HGcZbuv
but now this address isn’t in my wallet
then i tried to Recovery my wallet with Electrom or coinomi but this address failed
i tried with "bip39-standalone "in githab site. but i cant receive this address
i understated just jaxx can help me.

this is my gmail : mnoaein@gmail.com

You’ll have to contact Jaxx for support using their product :slight_smile: