Zcash as a privacy layer over other currencies

From reading about zero knowledge proofs and zcash, it appears like this is a big innovative step in cryptocurrency.

I was wondering if the software and algorithms will be easily adaptable to be used by any currency.

I personally am a fan of peercoin.

I have been designing a cryptocurrency system(no code yet) where anyone can create independent cryptocurrencies. It’s very raw and more of a concept sandbox where i can explore some unconventional possibilities. http://github.com/derekmc/trust-coin

Regardless, currency pluralism can be a good thing. Independent currencies can be a tool for investment or banking or even political entities like local governments all the way to nations.

If zcash could easily be added to other coins that would be amazing. If zcash instead becomes a single coin competing with other communities i think that would be a bummer.

The initial implementation converting bitcoins to and from zcash seems like a great idea, but will the software be developed long term on top of bitcoin, as a separate coin, or merely as a layer that can be used on top of any other coins?