Zcash Community Grants Meeting Minutes 10/3/22

Below please find the latest @ZcashGrants meeting minutes and Public Dashboard link.


  • Aditya
  • Brian
  • Burns
  • Jason
  • Michael
  • Alex Bornstein (ZF resource and notetaker)
  • Daniel Wolande (ZF resource)
  • Jack Gavigan (ZF resource)

Key Takeaways:

Open Grant Proposals

  • ToDeFi: Torino Decentralized Finance
    • Jason shared that the applicant is requesting $2,500 to sponsor a conference to be held early next year that will cover a number of defi topics. The Committee has scheduled a call with them on Wednesday to discuss the applicant’s experience, how ZCG would be promoted as a sponsor, etc.
  • Subgroup membership testing on elliptic curves
    • Jack shared some feedback from Daira (link). Jason asked the committee if they want to discuss in the next brainstorming session or discuss today? Aditya asked if there was a formal grant application submitted, Jason responded yes, it’s official. Aditya asked if they had found a developer, Jason responded someone from the Zingo team offered to assist. Cody said it’s an interesting concept but maybe not the right time. Brian said it’s difficult to see the value for Zcash and he would be open to rejecting it today. Aditya didn’t feel like this grant met a ready-to-fund criteria and Michael agreed. The committee agreed to reject. Daniel to follow-up.
  • Integrating BloodFuse on Zcash
    • The committee stated that it’s an interesting use case but the amount being asked for doesn’t seem reasonable. Brian reached out to the applicant and the answers provided weren’t satisfactory. Brian shared his opinion that the cost was too high for a non-Zcash specific project, and the application is lacking technical detail. Aditya said it’s too early for Zcash to fund these types of novel project ideas without demonstrated demand for using ZEC. All committee members agreed to reject.
  • Orchard and UA for YWallet
    • Proposal submitted within the last week so it will remain open. The committee has questions regarding the project. Cody shared that he isn’t comfortable with the request and the developer rates quoted. Aditya agreed and stated that the grant cost should have its own cost basis, and not a flat-rate amount granted to another project, and application could be more detailed with respect to implementation. Brian said speaking with the applicant would be helpful, and he’d like to see Orchard implemented in Ywallet. Michael agreed and stated that the applicant has the skills required but the price needs to be clarified. The committee will reach out to the applicant.

Brainstorm Session Follow Ups

  • RFP – Zcash full node DApp on Avado and Dappnode
    • The committee discussed the proposal in their brainstorming session. The responder has found an Avado developer. Forum comments indicate that Dappnode is already covered. The committee will wait to receive the proposal from the Avado developer and review it accordingly.
  • Global Ambassador Program
    • Janesh - Three month trial period expired. Committee has decided he will not continue as ambassador. He has not been paid for September due to a lack of proof of work. Jason suggested paying him for September, and terminating the relationship and the committee agreed. Brian will notify him shortly.
    • Madison - Newest ambassador based in San Diego. First in-person event to be held on the 27th with Jason and Zcash Media attending.
  • ZCG Twitter
    • Cody is working on a script for individuals to submit tweets (with a review process) on Github. Daniel and Aditya connected, and Daniel will have access to the ZCG Twitter account shortly. Tweet frequency, content, etc. to be discussed.
  • Follow up on ZCG committee member hours
    • Jack will set up individual meetings with committee members to discuss.
  • Conferences/Promotional Merchandise
    • Danika processed the order and it will be delivered ASAP.