Zcash Community Grants Meeting Minutes 12/11/2023

Below please find the latest ZCG meeting minutes and Public Dashboard link.


  • Amber
  • Brian
  • Jason
  • Michael
  • Gguy
  • Dan (ZF resource)
  • Deidra M (notetaker)

Key Takeaways:

  • Open Grant Proposals
  • Brainstorm Session Follow-Ups
    • Global Ambassador Program - ZCG will review current ambassadors and the program itself before the start of the new year.
    • Ecosystem Security Lead - The committee is making progress through a short list.
    • December 25 Meeting - This meeting is canceled, but ZCG will conduct mobile votes if necessary.

Open Grant Proposals

  • Swapkit Integration for Zcash - Jason summarized this proposal. This grant is from E-Zec, who is a member of the Zcash Brazil team. They’re asking for $5,000 to integrate transparent Zcash into Swapkit, a generic SDK for managing wallets and cross-chain operations. It currently works with Thorchain and Maya Protocol. There’s been a bunch of chatter on the forum about this grant, with a number of community members saying they don’t see the value in integrating transparent ZEC and that there’s no ETA for when Thorchain will support shielded ZEC.
    • This grant has a core dependency on Thorchain, and there is no estimate on when Thorchain will support shielded Zec; therefore, ZCG voted to reject this proposal but is open to resubmission after Thorchain integration is successfully implemented.
  • Zcash SDK Implementation [JS/TS] - Jason gave background for this grant. This proposal is from Chainsafe. They’re asking for $300,000 to implement and maintain a TypeScript SDK to enable more Zcash capabilities in-browser. They say that this project should provide groundwork and serve as a feasibility test for the development of a Zcash MetaMask Snap as well as a Web wallet that would utilize the Metamask Snap as a secure enclave for user keys. Their end goal is to give the millions of MetaMask users access to Zcash, which will help grow adoption and usability.
    • ZCG decided during their brainstorm meeting to hold off voting on this grant so that they can set up a call with the Chainsafe team and better understand their long-term plans, the timing of this larger “MetaMask Snap” project, and what future proposals might look like.
  • Arculus Cold Storage Wallet- Jason summarized this grant. This proposal is the second time Arculus has applied for a grant. Last year, they submitted a similar proposal, but the committee rejected it and cited the high cost and a limited budget. This time, they’re asking for $225,000 to add Orchard Shielded Transactions for Zcash into their cold storage wallet solution. They also want to create an evergreen fund for Zcash whereby they produce a minimum of 5,000 cards for presale and sell them all for $130 a piece; they’d give $295,000 back to ZCG.
    • The committee went around to give their feedback on this proposal. Michael said that a target of 5,000 units seems overly optimistic and naive. Jason agreed. Brian said he liked the structure of the proposal, but with this distressed budget, this grant would be a significant risk and not a big priority. He added that he would reconsider this grant later with a larger treasury in the future. Amber agreed with Brian that she liked the proposal; however, the suggestion that the true cost is negative is based on a likely unrealistic outcome. Gguy said that this proposal is not within the budget. Jason said that to reconsider the proposal, he would like to see the Ledger project developed and adopted by the community and demand from the community for another hardware wallet option; he also said that right now, there is not sufficient demand for Arculus’ product to justify the cost of this grant.
    • ZCG rejected this proposal as it is not a priority right now.
  • Vergara Technologies 2024 - It’s too early to vote on this grant, but Rene from ZGo has submitted his 2024 proposal. He’s asking for $131,000 to make some enhancements to ZGo and a few other new products for the ecosystem.
    • The committee discussed this proposal at their last brainstorm meeting. The consensus was that a part of the proposal made sense and was valuable: the Zenith full-node wallet. Michael expressed his enthusiasm for that specific part of the proposal. Amber agreed but added that she is lukewarm about wallet proposals because if more funding goes to wallets, there is less funding for other projects.
    • ZCG will review this proposal more thoroughly and will go back to Rene with feedback and suggestions on a potential resubmission of this proposal.

Brainstorm Session Follow-Ups

  • Global Ambassador Program
    • The committee will review the current ambassadors to assess their performance and make recommendations to the new committee about the program itself and ambassadors.
    • This review will allow ZCG to renew ambassador contracts or possibly bring on new ambassadors.
  • Ecosystem Security Lead
    • The committee rejected Thesis Defense, Halborn, and Trail of Bits.
    • Hackin.io has submitted its proposal and has made the shortlist.
    • ZCG is planning to have a call with Zellic to review their pricing structure before they submit a proposal.
    • ZCG is waiting to hear back from Softstack and NCC Group.
  • December 25th Meeting
    • The committee discussed the December 25 meeting, which is the last meeting for the year, at their brainstorm session and decided to cancel it. Instead, ZCG will conduct a mobile vote should any decisions need to be made. If necessary, they will write up meeting minutes for transparency from their Friday brainstorm meeting.