Zcash.conf - every start of node load all transactions


I’ve installed zcash node on my machine on ubuntu. I have default configuration in zcash.conf.
Every time when I start my node:
all transaction are loading. It takes over 2h. Is there any posibility setup configuration that all transaction will be save somewhere on disk and only additional transaction will be loaded when node start ?

Can you please post your .conf contents? It should only take a short time to catch up to the blocks you missed sonce the Node was last started, not 2 hrs every time. Unless you have -rescan in your .conf file.

This is my configuration that I user right now:
And now I think everythink is ok. Thanks

Glad to hear everything is OK :+1:

Also, you don’t need -gen=1 in there. The global hashpower is so high there is no reason to try and mine with your CPU.

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