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More generic but still funny :smiley:


Not a meme, but still somewhat relevant


I would still call it a meme, and a smart one too!



When you buy $25 worth of ZCash to help defend the $200 support level


Thats me playing Oregon Trail 24 years ago!


not OC! randomly found this on the internets


This one was on a Japanese cryptocurrency news site:



There is a new seekrit Zcash/Monero rebel alliance, too


ok now THIS is my jam


apparently from this site? https://crypto-currency-girls.com/

I agree with @radix42, that is :fire:


LOOK AT ZCASH-CHAN I LOVE HER https://crypto-currency-girls.com/zcash/


Most of my wardrobe is Japanese brands, on the goth edge of things…and omg in the Poblenou district of Barcelona I blended in with all the French speaking Japanese schoolgirls half the time (the other half the time I looked like Generic American Hacker Boi In Hoody)



I had an idea similar to that
Po work is dirty bbq utensils
Po steak was just the gnawed up T-bone
Po steak work is just a big ol stomach, loosened belt!



New face on an old favorite:

30 SEP 2017 :smiley:


thought i was being original…failure.



Agree, I love anime and I love crypto. This works for me =)