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zcash is sound money, and zcash community has been forced to play defense for far too long. zcash community shouldn’t need to argue in favor for our existence; bitcoin should be forced to argue for it’s existence. we plan on doing just that.

  1. end the “bitcoin’s sound money” meme. it’s false.
  2. promote zcash as sound money.
  3. pro zcash website that posts fresh content (almost) daily.
  4. pro zcash memetics.
  5. correct FUD/promote zcash (no trolling/antagonizing) on all social media platforms of significance.
  6. promote zcash on non-crypto related forums/sites (insurance, manufacturing, medical, etc)

never heard of zcash? you soon will!

  1. plan on devoting my time for 1 full year to accomplish stated goals (think this is the perfect amount of time to reverse anti-zcash messaging)
  2. website will probably continue past 1 year (depends on how much traffic we drive to site).
  3. will give monthly updates for all AMG activities on zcash forum.
  4. during the 1 year contract - AMG will work on zcash related projects 100% of our time.
  5. if AMG needs outside contractors to complete work - AMG will seek out zcash community members before reaching out to outside contractors.

~ this is how i believe we can repair damage done by anti-zcash messaging that’s been unchallenged for years. anything you’d add/subtract? looking for community feedback, because we are going to apply for a ZF grant ~


This will need a lof ot work and will be very exhausting in my opinion, but it could be worth the efford if done very good, honest and balanced.

The art of this, again in my opinion, will be to be fair, argumented and balanced when it comes to various concerns or FUD regardig Zcash. Too much “aggresive unargumented” opposing and it will backfire, too less agressive opposing and it will not change anything, unargumented opposing and it will look just as a chearleader shilling attempt, to much technical argumentation and nobody will understand it.
Ignoring real issues and blandish/flatter these and nobody will take you serious. Being ignorant or harsh and/or banning people and these get even bigger “enemies/opposers”. Here i would like to add the ZF foundation which tries to do a good job and has a good balance in my opinion. Without the ZF we would be in a even worse position, so it might be a good idea to take some advices, feedback and maybe even cooperate with them.

I strongly suggest cooperation with @sonya as she is doing an outstanding job on the forum.

As you are looking for feedback i would prepare for the most questioned issues about Zcash very good. I guess the Founders Reward and the endless falling exchange rates will be top attack vectors and i’am not sure how you can present these issues in a good and favouring light, but maybe you can.

Other than that, highest priority should be taking someone with chinese language onboard, russian might be as well very helpfull. With having everything only in English you will have only limited success in my opinion.

That’s all for now i can think about, without more details. I wish you honestly all of the big luck and a lot of patience and nerves, as you for sure will need these :slight_smile:


these measures will have additional effect only upon strong price reversal and ux improvements. otherwise any meaningful promotion would be pointless efforts.

  • zcash is good because… - i lost money.
  • zcash useful for… - i tried, wallet is crap.
    end of story.

point taken, but do you think we should just sit on the sidelines; hope people stop spreading disinformation about zcash, and never offer our own narratives? better ux, wallets, etc might not matter if people have already been scared away from zcash via FUD/disinformation.

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dash didn’t leave it up to chance. dash community’s “in the trenches shilling” is probably one of the top reasons it’s exchange rate is where it is/has been. it’s not even really highly fungible like zcash, or XMR.

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This is the perfect time to build a community of people who believe in the technology and what it enables :slight_smile: It’s harder than building a community of people who want to get rich quick, but also much more durable.


agreed. thank you very much kek… I am ready to help in any way I can, you have my full support. Please keep us updated here.


One of the big marketing challenges with Zcash is that if I really need it and use it for its core powerful privacy functionality, I probably don’t want to advertise what I did and how ZEC helped.

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Its disturbing to realise ‘advertising what you do’ has become so normalised that its considered suspicious when you choose to be private… especially when it comes to money.


Ive dropped “make Orwell fiction again” a few times


~ if your money’s not fungible; your money’s not sound ~

think this is the main point i’d really like to push. surprised the world gold council never counter attacked bitcoin with the sound money argument after grayscale’s drop gold campaign. world gold council really dropped the ball on that one. pretty much think we’re going to do exactly what the gold council should’ve done.

zcash is sound money - bitcoin not so much.

brought this up to several well known bitcoin maxis, and they never try to debate this fact. the more honest ones just favorite the tweet, and move on with their day. ZEC’s privacy features are just the mechanism to achieve fungibility. privacy for the user’s extra icing on the cake.


Have an idea for a poster sized graphic, will see what I can come up with, here’s the idea :-

Zcash: Only Alice & Bob know that Alice paid Bob

Bitcoin: Wong mined a block and paid Fred who paid Tom who paid Harry who paid …(repeat, lots)… who paid Alice who paid Bob

Edit: The Bitcoin thing will look like a ‘Where’s Wally’’s_Wally%3F - but with a few dodgy looking characters added :wink:


The key is quickly explaining the fungibility problem in the simplest possible terms. Even the word “Fungibility” is a non-starter. I will give this some thought.



@hloo Feel free to use that graphic for Ycash :slight_smile:

Its not compeletly original, clipart & stuff scraped from the net etc.


Niiiice, good illustration of the concept!

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XMR’s “infinite supply” is another meme i started a while back. XMR’s infinite supply takes XMR out of the sound money camp.

XMR basically followed primecoin’s direction, so this is not a new idea. both alts try to mimic gold’s inflation. both are uncapped, but main difference is primecoin accounted for gold being a finite resource whilst XMR didn’t. this means XMR supply is infinite, but XPM’s supply will tap-out around (off top of head) around 60 million. both coin’s supply is uncapped, but XMR’s is infinite.

Just my personal opinion on this one. I would be carefully with this one as this easyly can backfire as there are a lot of real good arguments for the approach they have choosen.

I can’t remember exactly how much the new infinite daily emissions is, but i remember it’s really a low one. Actually i personally was even thinking some day to make a proposal that IF ZEC wants to be a crypto “money like” form of payment there must even be some kind of additional emissions that cover the lost and unusable coins at some point. But with our high inflation rate this is far from piority at the moment.

As said, just a friendly advice that this can backfire.

Additionally thought as you asked for feedback. I personally wouldn’t attack other coins that frontal but use a general formulation like coin X or whatever. One reason, in my opinion, is that the ZF foundation and even the ECC are limited to support your actions as long as you go frontal versus other currencies and projects. The other concern i have is that, as i said in an earlier post, if you are not really argumented it will just look like cheerleading. IF you think this is indeed a point or an advantage of Zcash you should argument why it is and not just throwing in an unargumented claim. As said, just my opinion.


dunno, i don’t view this as an attack. the “infinite supply” meme stuck because it’s true. i’m more happy about XMR community using my terms to describe their supply. that was the main goal, and tells me the meme is very effective!

Please take me to money school. I don’t see it as a bad thing. I have read some very well written arguments that it is a good thing. I don’t know either way. Please explain to me.

Personally I agree with box on this. I think this is an argument you will lose.

Your tweet sounds like you are on the “offensive” Can’t you just explain why it is not sound money rather than saying “if you don’t know, you are stupid” Your defence is they are trying to solve a problem that “most likely won’t even become a problem”. that is not the same as them creating a problem. Please check the emission curve it drops to almost nothing.

One of my burn proposals (which I am still writing) copies the monero style and tacks the burnt coins on to the end of the emission curve. no new coins are generated tho. so it isn’t really like monero.

Sorry not meaning to take you apart on this, but you asked for feedback. I don’t think the foundation should be paying for this. - they would be giving tacit approval to all of your social media.

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