Zcash Content Farm - Memetics Department


This is dope, did you make it? If so, can I post it on the Foundation’s Twitter account? I will link back to your forum post or credit you however else you like.


Sure, go ahead! I’ll swap you for a nice big ZEC sticker :wink:

Its not completely original, the galloping zebra was from https://giphy.com/gifs/animated-zebra-GKhDtC4tDjKRW


Zeal in the sky keeps on turning baby! :joy:




I feel this in my fucking soul lmao. I am always amazed by how long that thread is and how it will never die


Volume 2 : Harmony Mining



Allie: “But thought the ‘Let’s talk about ASIC mining’ thread was over.”




I LOVE this Godfather line. Your post brought a smile to my face.



Think this one would be better with ‘The Proof Is Out There’


@sonya WooHoo! Stickers turned up in the post :slight_smile:

Think I’ll go put one on the door of SurBTC (our local exchange) once I figure out where their office is.


I was thinking of rolling different coins and they make sound but when you roll zcash coin there is no sound “zcash makes no sound” or “zcash is silent money”. Another way is tossing the different coins and they make sound on falling but zcash doesn’t…I don’t know animation so just throwing the idea out there if someone thinks it’s worth it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::crazy_face:


I was thinking of a trap shooting meme with clay targets made to look like coins…with ZEC being the one they always miss 'cos its untrackable.


(Edit: The formula is from Ariel’s recent paper but may be the wrong one to use, if so someone should tell me 'cos I sure as hell don’t have enough neurons to understand it!)


Was here such meme? I guess no, cuz I created it just now.


The meme is backwards :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for sharing in any case ^^


I didn’t get this meme, can you please explain it to me? :frowning:


I’ll just leave this here… :wink:


Spinning Zcash icons