Zcash Content Farm - Memetics Department


This is dope, did you make it? If so, can I post it on the Foundation’s Twitter account? I will link back to your forum post or credit you however else you like.


Sure, go ahead! I’ll swap you for a nice big ZEC sticker :wink:

Its not completely original, the galloping zebra was from https://giphy.com/gifs/animated-zebra-GKhDtC4tDjKRW


Zeal in the sky keeps on turning baby! :joy:




I feel this in my fucking soul lmao. I am always amazed by how long that thread is and how it will never die


Volume 2 : Harmony Mining



Allie: “But thought the ‘Let’s talk about ASIC mining’ thread was over.”




I LOVE this Godfather line. Your post brought a smile to my face.



Think this one would be better with ‘The Proof Is Out There’