'Zcash Crusader: Rise of Zec', the superhero series exclusive to Free2z.cash

Hello, Zcashers!

I present to you my series ‘Zcash Crusader: Rise of Zec’ exclusive for Free2Z. :sunglasses:

For those who don’t know me, my name is Ender Arrieta, I’m Venezuelan and a computer engineer dedicated to Pop Culture for more than 15 years. Besides, I have worked as an editor in several news sites writing about technology, videogames, movies and TV series.

I’m also the founder of ViniloBlog.com, a digital media totally addicted to Pop Culture that was born in Venezuela 7 years ago. There I talk about everything from Anime to the music I love to collect.

And finally, I’m the founder of ViniloBits.com, a kind of digital agency where I dedicate myself to WordPress web design as an engineer.

The arrival of ‘Zcash Crusader: Rise of Zec’.

I recently released for the Zcash community a sort of series I titled ‘Zcash Crusader: Rise of Zec’. This series is based on Zcash technology where, through science fiction, you will meet Zec, a young engineer who will become a superhero to fight for people’s privacy.

On the other hand, they will meet the great villain of this story, Fiat, who is the one who holds the strings of power in a world plunged into corruption.

What is the idea of this series?

The idea of this series is straightforward and concise. Its intention is to amuse readers with a story that pits the Zec cryptocurrency against the popular Fiat that we all know, but taking it to the superhero genre and always keeping some real life terms and situations, and the Blockchain.

Adaptation to comic book

‘Zcash Crusader’ will also have a comic book adaptation in both Spanish and English, so that all comic book and graphic novel lovers can enjoy it.

The idea is to release at least 10-12 issues in comic format to tell a complete story, from the origins of Zec as a superhero to the final outcome with a confrontation between Zec and Fiat.

To illustrate this series/comic and to be able to have a more complete and fun view while the chapters/issues are coming out, I have relied on several artificial intelligence (AI) tools, such as:

ChatGPT: which contributed, in a complementary way, some details such as names and setting.

Blue Willow and Bing Image Creator: were free and basic tools with which I was able to generate the images through a large list of prompts to recreate some of the characters of the series.

Fundraising proposal:

Animated series

The purpose of this fundraising is to be able to acquire much more powerful artificial intelligence tools and thus generate better audiovisual content.

High definition videos would be a magnificent contribution to this series, since we would not only have chapters in text, but we would also be able to enjoy them fully animated with scenes as realistic as possible.

Comic book adaptation

As for the comic, it is necessary and very important to be able to acquire the corresponding AI subscriptions, since the basic plan of tools like Midjourney only allow me to generate a certain amount of images, which makes it impossible for us to launch several issues in a short period of time.

To achieve all that I have mentioned above, you definitely have to pay to purchase subscriptions for tools such a


Midjourney: ($288 Annual) (To create images).
Runway AI: ($336 Annual) (To create high definition animations/videos)
ElevenLabs: ($264 Annual) (For creating voice over from text).


Midjourney: ($60 Monthly) (To create images)
Runway AI: ($28 Monthly) (To create high definition animations/videos)
ElevenLabs: ($22 Monthly) (To create text based voice over)

When I manage to obtain the necessary funds, I will immediately start generating new audiovisual content so that everyone can enjoy this science fiction series exclusively by Free2Z.cash..

Help me get a new computer (PC/Laptop):

Currently, I have a computer that does not have the hardware necessary to be able to work with large audiovisual projects. So I have opted to appeal to the help of all of you, and thus be able to have the opportunity to buy a computer in conditions.

My current equipment is:

  • VIT P2400 (Venezuelan brand).
  • I5-3230M (3rd Gen)
  • 6GB RAM
  • 500GB Disk (SSD)
  • Integrated Video (INTEL HD Graphics)
  • It presents failures in the charge PIN and in the fan cooler.

As you can see, it is a very low end equipment and it is almost impossible to work with it to offer the quality that the **Zcash Crusader series needs.

Unfortunately, I live in Venezuela and many know the serious social and economic crisis in the country, so it is extremely difficult to acquire this type of equipment completely new and updated.

The equipment I require has an approximate cost of $1700 (USD) and is as follows:

  • OMEN 16-B1022NS Laptop
  • INTEL Core i7-12700H 4.7GHz
  • 32GB RAM
  • 1TB Disk (SSD)
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB Video Card

With this equipment, I will be able to run tools (in addition to those mentioned above), such as: Adobe After Effects, Davinci Resolve and Filmora, which will allow me to compile all the information I can get from Rumway AI and Midjourney, and thus be able to offer the videos in high definition for Zcash Crusader.

Donations in $ZEC can be made here:


For donations in other ways, you can do so here:

  • Mi Pay ID: 476665606

Fundraising goal for this equipment: 1700 US$

Upon reaching the goal, I will share the proceeds, the acquired tools and equipment, and I’m sure that with the support of the whole community I will be able to achieve it!

Also, I hope that ‘Zcash Crusader: Rise of Zec’ will be to everyone’s liking, support the series and become the superhero series for the Zcash community.

Here are the links so you can read the first 3 chapters of the series:

Thankful in advance to the entire community for all the support and donations.



Subscribed and donated! What other ways can we support you?
I would love to chat with you about your tools and process for creating this universe!
Can you join us in the ZF A/V Club Discord?


Wow, man! That’s awesome. Thanks for the support and the donation.

And yeah, we can talk about the idea and proposal for the series, what I have in mind for it, the tools and more.

I’m already on the Z A/V Club Discord. See you there.


Welcome, Ender!
Awesome start!
May Z- force be with you :sunglasses:


Thanks. :heart:

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Excellent! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Thanks, bro.