Who did this https://zecnotes.com/?

if you lurk the forum - i’d love to speak with you!


sounds like a cool dude


what are your plans for zecnotes? reason i ask is i think it’s a slick site, and really feel zcash needs to have our own news/market analysis/opinion site. feel we could do that with the very nice site you’ve already spun-up.

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Ah, thanks for the kind words. I have no plans for it, but I still have the domain rights at njal.la, so if you want to spin-up a news site, I can point zecnotes.com at your host account.
What do you think about putting some opinion blog posts on this site, on zcashcommunity.com? There’s currently an open call for contributions of that sort, right?


probably will …it’s definitely the path of least resistance, but i really want to see an outsider site posting content that doesn’t have any relations with foundation, or ECC.

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first three posts i’m writing: posting here because that’ll motivate me to finish writing them since i just called my shot.

“bitcoin’s an expensive collectable”

“why professor bitcorn was so wrong”

“bitcoin as a tool of oppression”


First one’s good, second one’s rude, third needs tweaked but not unworkable


2nd one is tongue-n-cheek. will be more obvious after i post. think people’ll get a laugh from it. other 2 are more serious.


Bitcoin will look ancient in another 2 years compared to Ethereum and Zcash. Play on the technology. That’s the strength

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“$68 trillion wealth transfer”

“laissez faire banking was the main reason 1980’s miami flourished, not cocaine”

couple more i’m going to write that randomly popped in my head whilst writing something else.

uhhhhh ohhh …looks like it’s somebody’s forum birthday - you’ll never be able to figure out who it is!


happy cake day!!! zero-knowledge cake… you don’t know what flavor it is


Can I get a proof that proves you know what it is without telling me what it is?

We all know the cake is a lie!!

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