Zcash Ecosystem Gitub Repo Community Curated List

I would like to create a community curated list of all Zcash Ecosystem Github Repositories.

The motivation for this idea came from looking into the Electric Capital Developer Report, then I took a look here + searched Zcash to see the current list of projects that they have already compiled from last year’s report. They rely on volunteers + submissions to help compile the data so I would like to make sure we get properly included.

I think the Zcash community should submit every ecosystem repository that has been active in order for us to have an accurate representation of the amount of dev activity happening in our ecosystem in the next report that they release to the public.

I have already reached out to Electric Capital on the best way to submit a bulk list of Zcash Ecosystem repos to be successfully included in the next report.

Please post the Github or GitLab repository URL links to your own projects or ecosystem projects you know of in this thread by next Wednesday(12th) so I have time to compile a list to submit by Friday(14th), which I think is the deadline at the moment but am waiting on confirmation on that from them.

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Good idea, Dan. This could be useful for a variety of things I imagine.


We’re on GitLab:


I’m a monorepo enthusiast so, as much as practical, everything I do will be here: GitHub - free2z/zuu: Zcash UI Universe

For codebases with canonical source outside of free2z/zuu, I’m using submodules so I can add integrations and references as if all the code was together. ex/ is wide open for any experiments, extensions, examples. docs/ is wide open for any guides.

Feel free to add to the repo and help maintain. (version control would be the best place for a curated list, even better if part of the curation involved automated integrations)

I also have some kanban boards for a few ideas I have in flight: Projects · free2z/zuu · GitHub


Our code is all here:


The Zcash Foundation’s repositories are located here:

But a lot of the git repositories are are forks or archived.

The top-level projects are:

Their dependencies are:



DNS seeder:


@teor that’s correct, just two clarifications:

  • Eventually, reddsa will replace redjubjub (and thus it will become a Zebra dependency)
  • ristretto255-dh is not used by FROST (curve25519-dalek is used instead, which is not from ZF)
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@decentralistdan I edited the ZF list to include Conrado’s changes.

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The main Ywallet repos:

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