ZCash - Ecosystem Website Grant Proposal

Project Description:
We have an idea of developing an Ecosystem Website for the Zcash that will provide a summary & information regarding Zcash projects. The ecosystem Website basically provides deep information regarding the project based on Zcash to investors, traders, users, other projects, & partners. There is a perfect example of an Ecosystem Website (https://www.chainlinkecosystem.com/). Here you can find ChainLink provides all information regarding its partners, projects build under them, etc. It saves lots of time.

Grantees or granted projects have made progress and they do on time but it is not easy for users or the community to know more about grant projects.

There is Zcash Community Grants Dashboard but it can only help admins or one who checks it daily. It has only the name of the project as well.

On the Zcash Ecosystem Website, you can find the following information.

  • List of Projects Uses Zcash (projects details, token details, website link, social media links, voting/ranking options,
  • List of exchanges that support Zcash
  • Token price with chart
  • List of Swaps & bridges that support Zcash
  • List of products with basic information
  • Job page


  • Description
  • Header with links
  • Footer with links
  • List of 10 trending projects on the basis of Votes
  • List of top 10 active projects basis of active users/tvl
  • List of 10 new projects (cards
  • List of summary of projects category wise
  • List of Social media (we will create social media profiles & manage it, for example Sui Ecosystem website has their own Twitter page which is very active https://twitter.com/SuiEcosystem)
  • Subscribe option

On each project details like Small Description, Logo, Category, Price, Name, any social media link, and vote count.

Explore projects

  • Display all projects (Grid or List)
  • Ascending/Descending (top side) (token price, marketcap, date added, and name)
  • Filter option (left side) (Status, Category, product, chain, vote, number of users, TVL)

On each project details like Small Description, Logo, Category, Price, Name, any social media link, and vote count.

Project page

  • Banner, Images 3 to 4, Video, Logo, Description
  • Category
  • About
  • Token price, marketcap, cmc rank, top exchanges
  • Links: Website, social media, announcement, other
  • Share on social media option
  • Links to articles
  • Vote
  • Report
  • Suggest edit

Airdrop Page:

On this page users can find all types of airdrops at one place that are performed by Zcash or Zcash based projects.

  • Name of project airdrop
  • Airdrop requirements
  • Social media links
  • Amount
  • Description
  • Token details
  • Partners details
  • Project Accuracy

Job Page:

Each project definitely hires employees in such a case it is necessary to have one place to find all available jobs that fall in Zcash or its based projects.

  • Name of project
  • Name of job
  • Descriptions
  • Experience & requirements
  • Salary
  • Apply

Currently, there is no such page that shows the list of projects getting built on Zcash. It is hard for users to track what is going on at Zcash. Having an ecosystem website like Chainlinkecosystem.com will help the whole Zcash community.

Details: Timelines, Expense estimates, grant payment schedule.

  • Timeline: 3-4 months
  • Expense Estimate: 7630 USD
  • Domain & hosting: 500 USD per year (including domain)
  • Web Development: 4000 USD one time
  • 3rd Party API: 360+180+450= 990 USD per year
  • Website management: 120 USD per month (1440 per year)
  • Research of ecosystem projects: 700 USD one time

Tech Stack we will use

Frontend: React
Animation: 3.js & particle.js
Backend: Django
Database: MySQL

Project Expenses
Development and Design $4000
Domain & Hosting $500
Research on Projects $700
Website Management $1,440
3rd Party API $990
TOTAL $7,630

Hi @emusr - Welcome to the forum, and thank you for submitting your grant proposal! We will review it in the upcoming weeks and reach out if we have any questions.

In the meantime, if you have any questions for us, you can post them to this thread or DM us at @ZcashGrants.

Zcash Community - We want to hear your feedback on this grant! You can post your comments to this thread or DM us at @ZcashGrants if you’d like to provide feedback in private.


i think its needed to see projects built on Zcash. but maybe can be integrated wif sites already there.
like @ZecHub maybe?
since the list of projects is on short side. and can be maintained by volunteers? maybe im wrong.
just my thoughts


ZecHub is an open source option that anyone from the community can use / add to, have you had a chance to check out what, @squirrel @tokidoki and I have been building?


That being said, I’m open to ideas you have in making this information better in presentation and scope.


@dismad Just checked ZecHub pages. Overall ZecHub is quite informative but still it lacks in many ways.

At first, I personally think volunteer based or depending on community for adding projects is not good idea. ZecHub is founded in 2022 and I see there are very limited number of projects, probably you personally added some of them.

If I create ecosystem website and wait for others to add their project then only few will come to add their projects. We have option allowing anyone to request to edit project or add project.

Content (for me specifically videos & articles) on ZecHub is surely very useful. But when it comes to ecosystem project page or website it doesn’t provide information that community wants or need.

You created Community Projects page and it seems most of grant community members are supporting it, which means there is requirement of such pages so why not have such page with more information and dedicated website?

Ecosystem website will provide more information than “Community Projects” provides. ZecHub only provides name of project and bit description which is not enough.

I shared example of Chainlinkecosystem and some other projects. You guys can also see our work we have done for Push on Push Ecosystem Website “https://pushecosystem.com” it is still in development hence the content and design is not completed.

@zerodartz thanks for your support.

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I think there is nothing wrong with having a dedicated website for community projects and your example work is neat! I was merely pointing out your original statement that there was no page that showed community projects was a bit off.

For example here is another example unrelated to ZecHub:

Welcome to the forums and good luck with your grant :zebra:

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I am still here to answer your questions. If anyone have any questions related to proposal, budget, milestone or anything else then please let me know.

Thanks everyone for sharing their thoughts in the community grant meeting

Here is my thought on Grant committee decision.

I checked the Alphaday platform, and I personally don’t see any direct benefit that Zcash community is getting from Alphaday platform. Even Alphaday website is not dedicated to Zcash. They have many coins and Zcash is one of them.

At first, Ecosystem Website has aim of providing overview of all Zcash projects at one place. And it is not similar to Alphaday in anyway.

On Alphaday website I didn’t find any project that are built on Zcash.

Alphaday provides details like Zcash Price, Portfolio, News, Twitter (which is not updated), Video that is empty, and video section that shows videos from other projects as well, Podcast (last posted 10 mo ago).

On the other hand, we provides details like

Projects built on Zcash.
Grant Details
Grant based projects
Job page
Video page
Twitter feed

Alphaday is there since last 5+ months and I believe most of community doesn’t know about it.

But if we build Ecosystem website it will be highly focused on Zcash only which will help us in social media marketing as well.

There is perfect example of it, Sui Ecosystem website, they gained more than 200K social media followers in very less time.


@emusr, thank you for your grant submission, at the most recent meeting the @ZcashGrants Committee has voted to reject this proposal.

If you are still interested in contributing to the Zcash ecosystem, I would suggest looking further into ZecHub.