Zcash Elastic Subnet Bridge on Avalanche

Over the weekend we tested upgrading the ZavaX subnet VM. Everything went smoothly! Along the way, we rolled out two changes into production.

  1. We changed the method name from zcash.getBlockByHeight to zavax.getBlockByHeight. Functionality is exactly the same.

  2. We fixed a bug/defect. In the case of a Zcash chain split, and in the case of the majority of the ZavaX nodes not being on the eventual winning side of the split, an incorrect block would have been added to ZavaX. We have added a rule that does not allow Zcash block data to be added to ZavaX until it is over 24 blocks deep.

A big thank you to a Zcash community member for asking the question that led us to resolving this defect.

I hope to see some of you at Zcon4 this weekend. You can find me by looking for this ZavaX pin on my shirt and ZavaX sticker on my computer. Would love to chat! Also, I will have a limited supply of both with me at the conference, so if you would like one, hmu for one of these historical markers!

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