Zcash Elastic Subnet Bridge on Avalanche

Hello Community! You’re overdue for an update from us. We are still working on Milestone 3, completion date estimate is soon, July 15. Apart from deliverables, I have spent the bulk of my time recently coalition-building around ZavaX. This is a tricky and time-consuming business, and I hope to have some results to report to you soon.

I’m going to work to do more frequent and shorter updates for the community here. We have a two-week sprint pace, so I will try to keep up with that.

At least two of us who have been working on ZavaX will be attending Z|ECC Summit in San Diego next week. We find these in-person events really helpful as we build. Also, for anyone in the New York City area or Northeast US who would like to meet, please reach out!

Re branding, two notes. One is that Avalanche has rebranded subnet as Avalanche L1. Personally, I like it better overall.

Re ZavaX thanks for your comments above. Based on them, we are sticking with ZavaX for the Zcash-Avalanche bridge. The Avalanche L1 on which it resides will be called red·bridge. This is based on feedback from the Avalanche community. (The red·bridge L1 may contain other bridges in the future.)

We can’t wait to complete Milestone 3 and move onto Milestone 4 in which we begin to put it all together!