ETH + ZEC merger: thoughts?

thought this was an interesting conversation, and fun to think about. not sure i would be totally against an “ETH/ZEC merger”. what do y’all think?


I love this idea, although I’m not quite sure of the mechanics of how it would work. Many members of the respective communities are already heavily involved in both projects, so I think a large percentage of people would also be supportive of this proposal.


An alternate equity stream after the halving perhaps?
If eth and zec merged it would create a 3rd chain I believe to effectively scale ethereum with zcash zk-snarks


A little outside the box thinking here…

ETH is called gas on the network and i’ve heard analogies made that if BTC is gold then ETH is oil. Oil is not a store of value. I have debated folks at nauseum about how ETH is not a store of value(mainly due to its seemingly endless supply). I’ve always pondered in my head and even on this forum whether or not $ZEC was gold/money/store of value on Ethereum’s network. It seems every day my thoughts are becoming more vindicated.

Like I said, 3rd chain, chill

Not disputing you buddy.

Theres more to it than just gas
Community and development split (there is a merge thing so thats unique)
Airdrop or genesis and how do you credit
Chain deprecation
Backwards compatibility

I’m against a ETH + ZEC merger. I may hold a simplistic view of history, but it appears to me that ZEC is “closer to bitcoin” than to ETH. And the academics I follow have harsh criticism of ETH ( @ Ferdinando1970 ) and PoS ( @ random_walker ). I know that Vitalik has been writing about SNARKs recently, but I recommend to let ETH stabilize first. Wait 5 years and revisit the question.