Zcash Foundation Update • November 21 – December 13, 2019

As always, cross-posted from ZF’s newsletter.

Hello friends! If you missed the previous newsletter, here it is. If not (or even if you did), keep reading. The past couple of weeks have been eventful!

Updates on the prospect of a Zcash development fund:

Debate continues in the Zcash Community Forum discussion thread.

Four additional items of note:

That’s all — keeping it quick today. We probably won’t send another newsletter until January, so please accept our best wishes for your new year in advance. Happy almost 2020!




edit: okay I have been out of the loop for a week or two. sorry my mistake. I will leave this up anyway. yes it is next week.

In this it says

Is this next week as in mon 16th to sun 22nd dec 2019?

That was / is the hope, but we’ll see.

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