ZCash founders monetary intervention on the markets


The Founders will quickly get a lot of ZECs. I have a few questions about that “sovereign fund” management :slight_smile:

  1. Is the Funders pot supposed to be used for monetary policy? For example sell or buy currency to control volatility, provide liquidity, stuff like that?

  2. If so, will that policy be made public?

  3. There WILL be sales at some point, to repay investors in fiat money, are there some discussions about the deflationary impact on the market? (I guess it will be OTC?)

I’m asking because even if the ZEC is P2P, the fact that a large stake is centrally owned potentially allows a lot of manipulation.

Note: I don’t have opinion wether this is a good or bad thing

The founders are composed of numerous individuals and organisations so I’d expect there’d be miners with as much or more ability to effect the market than any one of them.

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There is no indication they wish to interfere in market prices via their coin. If they think the coin has good potential for going up, you can expect them to hold, and vice versa. If it was a public company and the regulators viewed coins as shares, they would be required to disclose selling. But “Zercoin Electric Coin Company” is not a public company.

There will not necessarily be any selling by the insiders ever.

The insiders holding 10% is more likely a positive, and the least of Zcash’s potential problems.

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