ZcashCo. - running out of funds?

Whoโ€™s running zcash market side? is it purely driven by need?
If its run by zcashCo, you really are doing a poor job or running out of funds.
Well good luck to all, traders, holders and miners.

The fomo of the first few days is just a fomo. An ambitious fomo. :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

Absolutely no idea what you are trying to communicate, not to say thatโ€™s your fault :slight_smile:

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Im curious if there is support from zcashCo or if the market is driven purely by demands.
300k a day at this rate is pretty big amount.

Are you asking if Zcash the company is buying up ZECs from miners to support the price? What would be their incentive to buy at these inflated prices?

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Then whos buying? why are there buy orders at this level? Dont see the logic in what you said.