Zcash Global <> Zcash Brazil

We are thrilled to announce that we have achieved our second milestone of 2024.

Milestone 2 - estimated completion date: 02/29/2024

Design Team @iogy / @Mine

Banner Zcash and Brave Zpaces - Guest Monomero - $BAT Ambassador in Brazil

Zcash Brasil on Instagram: "Dia 20 de fevereiro às 19hrs no Twitter. Com grande prazer que a Zcash Brasil traz o embaixador da #Brave no Brasil para introduzir a comunidade e compartilhar o porque a privacidade é levada a sério. Junte-se a nós para uma conversa exclusiva sobre segurança online e liberdade financeira."

Youtube thumbnail animated to post5 Brave and Zcash Zpaces Recording - Guest Monomero - $BAT Ambassator in Brazil

Zcash Brasil on Instagram: "Zpaces com @zcashbrazil & @coinex_portugues Privacidade e Regulamentação, o que esperar para o futuro? Data: dia 27 as 19 horas."

Banner Pocker Night - A Global Event - Portuguese, English and Spanish

Zcash Brasil on Instagram: "A Noite do Poker da #Zcash está de volta! Grátis para jogar, prêmios para ganhar! ♥️♣️♦️♠️ 🏆 Sexta-feira, 9 - 17h EST / 21h UTC 📅"

Banner Weekly Call February

Zcash Brasil on Instagram: "Weekly Call #5 🛡️ Nessas semana abordaremos os resultados do evento ZeBoot organizado pela ECC, atualizações de implementações, insights importantes e muito mais. • Data: 8/02/2024 📅 • Horário: 19h 🕖 • Sala: 🌍╏Portuguese • Discord: https://discord.gg/zcash 📍 Até lá! 💛"

Layout to Weekly Call Recorder to Youtube

Banner Batalha dos Memes (Battle of Memes)

Zcash Brasil on Instagram: "Competição de Zeme 2.0 Preparados para a Competição de Zeme 2.0? - O intuito principal dessa competição é colocarmos nossa criatividade em prática focando em elementos de privacidade e na Zcash. Premiação 💰 1º Lugar: 2 ZECS 2º Lugar: 0.75 3º Lugar: 0.25"

Banner Zpaces with Coinex

Zcash Brasil on Instagram: "Zpaces com @zcashbrazil & @coinex_portugues Privacidade e Regulamentação, o que esperar para o futuro? Data: dia 27 as 19 horas."


Zcash Brasil WeeklyCall #6 - Highlights

Weekly Call #5 📞 - by Zcash Brasil - Zcash’s Substack

Zcash Brasil WeeklyCall #5 - Highlights

WeeklyCall #5 📞 - by Zcash Brasil - Zcash’s Substack


Official Zcash Videos

Eran Tromer - Perspective: Cryptography


Vitalik Buterin - Perspective: Governance


Peter Van Valkenburg- Perspective: Privacy Policy


Vivek Arte - Sketching a Shilded Assets Future - Zcon 4


Youtube Shorts

Vivek Arte - Stable Coin on Zcash Protocol

https://youtube.com/shorts/NiRzTAvsQuw Short ZSA

Vivek Arte - ZSA and Elections


Placeholder Chris Burniske talks about Zcash at Mainet 2022 Event



Tutorial Zingo!


Youtube Thumbnail of Zingo! Tutorial



Pictures Taken to post and thumbnail


*We are working on this wallet tutorial using it as a use case of good practices and teaching the dynamics of seeds and keys.


My First Zcash Book Layout and Diagramation (first step)

Sketch of Cover Process (not final images) and Select Color Palet

James Katz dev Report: Zcash Brazil - February 2024

  • VPC hosting and API Keys

Many services maintained by James Katz depend on VPC hosting and API keys. All of these service payments are up to date. Currently, these services are:

  • 3 Amazon AWS / LightSail instances
  • OpenAI API key
  • New domain registered

This month James registered a new domain, for possible future use: zcashbrasil.com.br.

  • Dizzy support and maintenance

Dizzy is the discord bot for micropayments.
James provided support for discord users and restarted the service a few times, due to network errors.

  • ZecFaucet problem - ticket opened and solved

ZecFaucet was down for a few days due to a problem with Lightsail. James opened a ticket and solved the problem.

  • Configuring, hosting, and maintaining Discord bridges

James is hosting and supporting a few Discord and telegram bridges. This month there was a new bridge:

  • YWallet <> Zcash Global bridge.
  • Telegram captcha bot

James continued working on a captcha bot, to help the English community secure their telegram group. The newest feature includes an automated protection against spam join of fake users.

@vito PR report, @vitozkp is also helping zechub on media socials.

We started the month preparing for Twitter Spaces with Brave Brasil.

With the new integration on the way, we have prepared an article to explain to the community about Brave, the Zcash Integration, and the adoption of both projects.

We posted the article on Substack, Free2Z, Odysee & Youtube

We posted the complete ZeBoot summary for the Brazilian community

We translate Arborist Calls and post on Substack, Free2Z, Odysee, Discord (EN & PT), Twitter, Instagram

We organized a community Poker tournament in partnership with ZecHub & Brave

We continue to inform the community about all the news happening in the ecosystem through Weekly Calls, with informative articles and community calls every Thursday

WeeklyCall #4 (1/02/2024)

WeeklyCall #5 (08/02/2024)

WeeklyCall #6 (22/02/2024)

In this session we compile information from Zec Weekly 81 and 82 into just one Weekly Call because we skipped a week due to the carnival events in Brazil

WeeklyCall #7 (29/02/2024)

We are posting this report on the 26th, the call will take place on the 29th, so we will update this post to complete the Milestone

We translate all ZecWeeklys of the month


We’re keeping the Discord community updated by posting all updates in the Electric Coin Co, Zcash Community Grants & Zcash Foundation rooms




We helped Elise set up her rooms on Zcash Global. A Big Shout Out to Elise for her initiative, charisma, and determination in helping Zcash evolve with its project.

If you are a writer, or designer, if you want to contribute in any way, check out the :writing_hand:┊writing-content-geniuses room to see the topics or :loudspeaker:┊announcements to see whats happening.

We’ve made Updates to improve the UX for new users on Discord.



In addition, we are carrying out constant maintenance on the server so that the user has the best experience

We wrote a step-by-step tutorial for beginners on how to install Zingo on your computer + video tutorial

We made a meme competition and posted it on Substack, Free2Z, Discord, and social media

Note 2: We also carried out constant maintenance on the server, including the most important one: Creation and addition of the ZcashBridge bot, where we can bridge rooms, and telegrams without limits. With this, we repaired the bridges that were broken in the ES, ZF AV, and Zcash EN categories → Zcash Community on Telegram

@E-zec CM report:

Full-Time Community Monitoring and Onboarding of New Users

Zcash Brazil Weekly Meeting Minutes

Cybersecurity Quiz Application

Weekly Call #4

I’m take with Michael and vito during the weekly call. An image from the session is included below:

Weekly Call #5

I’m take with Michael and vito during the weekly call. An image from the session is included below

TT Spaces Zcash Brazil X Brave Brazil Support

Support was provided during the first zcash x Brave meeting.

Weekly Call #6

I’m take with Michael and vito during the weekly call. An image from the session is included below

Social media metrics:

NOTE: We also have ZechubBrazil channels, YouTube, Podcast, Hive, Odysee, and Substack channels, threads, and others.

Milestone 2 - USD value of payout upon completion of deliverables:

Zcash Brazil Team compensation:

Total: $5600

(You will be paid out in ZEC based on the USD market price at payout time.)

For all Zcash Community:

Our art, code, and work are open-source and free to use.

Thank you so much!

Deliverable 2.1: Zcash Brazil team report: Done.