Zcash Brazil 2023 - Proposal

Zcash Brazil 2023

Applicant Name:

  • Michae2xl

Team members name:

  • Vito
  • Mine
  • Iogy
  • E-zec
  • Samara

Pitch: A one-liner elevator pitch version of your proposal

  • This proposal seeks funding to expand Zcash’s presence in Brazil in 2023.

Previous program → Please provide details:

Zcash Brazil Ambassador program - Period: May 2022 to December 2023

Who is contributing to this:

The Zcash Brazil Team comprises six members: @michae2xl, @iogy, @mine, @vito, @samara, and @e-zec.

This program was very good for Zcash in general, no doubt we were successful and the Zcash team in Brazil is building excellent networking and community, creating an official identity, and participating in presidential and online conferences such as Bitconf, NFT Rio, Blockchain Rio, Bit in Rio, Bankless Brazil, etc. We hope that there is much more to come if this proposal becomes approved because we love our mission.

Note: the current ambassador budget of 1000$ was divided among six members during the year 2022, plus with initiative within the community, costs of services, programs, airdrops, etc.

Applicant background:

Who is contributing to this:

  • @michae2xl: Current Zcash Brazil ambassador, Software Engineer & Product Owner, known as Michae2xl on social media, has been 7+ years in the crypto space, worked for a DAO as a Community Manager in Brazil & Canada for almost 4 years, and built an NFT index, good expertise as a leader to building communities.
  • @vito: Victor is a Community/Community Manager in which he started his journey in 2019, being one of the main ones responsible for the creation and the growth of LBRY/Odysee in Brazil, the biggest video share platform with built-in blockchain in the world. He has also worked on projects for other companies like ShapeShift DAO, Giveth.io, Hive, LBRY Nomics, and many others. He joined the Zcash Brasil Team in May of 2022, being responsible for the Discord creation and working with Michael to grow the Zcash Ecosystem in Brazil and educate the community about Privacy and Freedom.
  • @iogy: is a 30-year-old, tattooer, designer, and artist, who studied Advertising at college until the seventh period, his hobbies are technology, skateboarding, blockchain, and urban art.
    He is working to create a visual identity for Zcash Brazil, helping to develop the server banners and logo for social media.
    Actions focusing on engagement inside and outside discord such as creating POAPS for events and rewards, memes, emojis, giveaways, marketing actions, and event monitoring aimed at opportunities in general. Looking for good narratives and the best positioning methods to promote Zcash in Brazil, create a good image, and generate trust in the project.
  • @mine: Graduated in graphic design in 2006 at Lozuca Produção Interativa as art director, created graphic pieces for companies such as Exxon Mobile, BG, and Flamengo. Besides that Developed a project material reuse program, that consisted of using leftover paper, adhesives, PS boards, and binding wires to develop new products. and Abbott, where she worked in the package development department. Her interest in blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrency began just two years ago, and met Zcash 9 months ago. To Zcash have already created discord Brasil-Latam- International banners, image compositions, and informative artworks, for Instagram and Twitter, POAPs, translated to Portuguese and Spanish a few Zcash English materials to post on social media, created gifts to NFT Rio, Blockchain Rio, Bit in Rio events. New logo to Zcash Brazil and Zec Hub.
  • @samara: Graduated in business administration from Humber College (Canada) - will be working on public relations, a person who will lead international interviews with the Zcash (ECC, ZF, ZG) teams and community.
  • @e-zec: a community moderator that worked in many communities and now he is helping the Zcash Brazil community.

Description of Problem or Opportunity:

The opportunity:

Brazil is currently one of the top five countries with the largest number of crypto investors, it has over 10 million users, approximately 5% of the population, behind only India, the US, Russia, and Nigeria.

Brazil has passed a law to legalize crypto as a form of payment, and people living in Brazil are very familiar with digital methods for making payments and investments. Also, when you live in Brazil, you see many incentives to buy cryptocurrencies. People living in Brazil do not have much interest in investing in US dollars to do this and protect themselves against inflation. However, you will not see this situation with cryptos. They don’t have to pay such a high tax for cryptocurrencies, making digital currencies a better option than the dollar.

We think we have done a great job so far, and in Brazil with CDBC in test, we believe Zcash will make a difference and gain many new users to use ZEC as a payment method, technology, development, new business, etc.

— Zcash Brazil could be the Bankless BR for Zcash

The problem:

The work of Zcash brazil would significantly drop if it was just @michae2xl managing it all. We think part of the pain that Zcash Brazil needs to illustrate in this proposal is that we can’t do this only with @michae2xl and that it needs to be a community effort.

NOTE: Zcash brazil today is highlighted among the other Zcash communities, and the team produced everything for only 1000$ monthly, whereas the @michae2xl shared everything with the team and community since begin.

Zcash has an amazing technology that needs visibility, and that visibility is limited for now. We at Zcash Brazil are changing the way people see ZEC and showing with new initiatives why privacy is so valuable now tomorrow, and in the future. We need more education, local development, and more active users, and for this we need to keep going to events, creating content regularly for the community to consume and promote. We believe we have the opportunity to start expanding Zcash across all 26 Brazilian states.

Proposed Solution: Describe the solution at a high level.

Brazil has the most passionate people to accept cryptocurrency, and by market share is the fifth largest country by financial volume.

Brazil has a very active, engaged, and growing crypto community. We want to continue and improve the production of marketing content for the Brazilian audience. In this way, we can engage the community and spread our word to potential new members.

We would like to continue working together with the global Zcash community and create a bridge and marketing voice in Portuguese to educate people about the Zcash ecosystem and its use cases, bringing improvements, and more. Our current team lives in the biggest cities in Brazil - São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and if approved, we will be the first Zcash ambassador to help the project grow locally with native language support.


  • Brazilians have a great interest in cryptocurrencies.
  • Brazil has a fiat depression.
  • CBDC is in the test
  • Brazilian people need privacy, and the government is creating a new system to track people, for example, that ZEC is a fit.
  • Daily updates about Zcash for the Brazilian community.
  • With the budget, we can expand to more states.

Solution Format: What is the exact form of the final deliverable you’re creating?

The format of the work will be:

  • Expansion of Zcash in Brazil.
  • Community management and moderation.
  • Creation and Presence at face-to-face and online events.
  • Interviewing partners, including in English.
  • Creation of content about Zcash and new art made by our design team, in which it is referenced.
  • Active translations of Zcash articles.
  • Creation and participation in podcasts about privacy and Zcash.
  • Presence in the main social media, always aiming to increase the media.
  • AMA creation and participation in AMAs.
  • Delivering items to the community like TIPs in ZEC, POAPs, and giveaways in general.
  • Creation of Articles about Zcash
  • Creation of Events to teach new people about Zcash

See some of the previous work:
OBS.: All others links will be included in the proposal.—

Technical Approach: Dive into the how of your project. Describe your approaches, components, workflows, methodology, etc. Bullet points and diagrams are appreciated!

Starting in January 2023:

  • Participation in local events and online calls, interviews, meetings, etc.
  • A weekly video about news or update about Zcash in Portuguese.
  • Shorts videos on Youtube, Odysee, etc.
  • Translation of official docs, e.g: ECC blog, ZECwallet, Zechub, etc.
  • Community management and moderation on Discord, Twitter, Youtube, Odysee, Telegram, and other channels.
  • Support for newcomers.
  • Continue to expand our education programs.
  • Continue to expand our community in more regions of Brazil.

Dependencies: What external entities is your project dependent on? What involvement is required from ZF, ECC, and/or other external organizations? Who would have to incorporate your work in order for it to be usable?*

Our community is not dependent on external entities.

Execution risks: What obstacles do you expect? What is most likely to go wrong? Which unknown factors could jeopardize success? Who would have to incorporate your work in order for it to be usable?

There are no execution risks because @michae2xl is the current ambassador and the team is already delivering high-quality work.

Evaluation plan: What metrics for success will you share with the community once you’re done? In addition to quantitative metrics, what qualitative metrics will you commit to reporting?

Zcash Brazil is growing with a presence in local events, the internet, and social media, see below the numbers of our current platforms that started from scratch.

  • All our growth and work will be shared with the Zcash community.
  • All our art, code, and work will be open-source and free to use.
  • Zcash BR attracted 1 developer: Free2z

Social Media:
Zcash Latam - 374 members
https://twitter.com/zcashbrazil - 383 members
Zcash Brasil (@zcashbrasil) • Instagram photos and videos - 175 members
https://www.youtube.com/@zcashbrasil - 18 members
Zcash Brasil - 12 Members

Total Request (USD):

  • $41208 USD - The budget amount can change and is flexible according to feedback, thank you!

(You will be paid out in ZEC based on USD market price at payout time.)

Please provide justification for the total compensation budget:

The estimated budget for Zcash Brazil 2023:

Zcash Brazil Team:

  • @michae2xl & @samara, @e-zec - up to $1250/month for expenses with hours worked as a country manager, public relations, and social media moderator in Brazil.
  • @mine & @Iogy - up to $1100/month for expenses with hours worked as Design Team in Brazil.
  • @vito - up to $1000/month for expenses with hours worked as Community/Social Media Manager and Content Creator in Brazil.

Total Zcash Brazil team for 2023 - 40200$

Costs with systems, programs, and community, which we are paying at the moment:

  • Pool ticket: $6 - month / 12x = $72 year
  • Canva: $8 - month / 12x = $96 year
  • Linktree: $5 - month / 12x = $60 year
  • Discord: $41 - month / 12x = $492 year
  • Adobe: $24 - month / 12x = $288 year

Total of costs with systems for 2023 - 1008$

The total is up to $41208 for 2023 - 12 months:

  • All payments will be monthly after the report with all deliveries.

Schedule and Milestones: What is your timeline for the project? Include concrete milestones and the major tasks required to complete each milestone.

Milestone 1 - estimated completion date: 01/31/2023

  • Milestone 1 - USD value of payout upon completion of deliverables: $3434
  • Deliverable 1.1: Zcash Brazil team report

Milestone 2 - estimated completion date: 02/28/2023

  • Milestone 2 - USD value of payout upon completion of deliverables: $3434
  • Deliverable 2.1: Zcash Brazil team report

Milestone 3 - estimated completion date: 03/31/2023

  • Milestone 3 - USD value of payout upon completion of deliverables: $3434
  • Deliverable 3.1: Zcash Brazil team report

Milestone 4 - estimated completion date: 04/30/2023

  • Milestone 4 - USD value of payout upon completion of deliverables: $3434
  • Deliverable 4.1: Zcash Brazil team report**

Milestone 5 - estimated completion date: 05/31/2023

  • Milestone 5 - USD value of payout upon completion of deliverables: $3434
  • Deliverable 5.1: Zcash Brazil team report

Milestone 6 - estimated completion date: 06/30/2023

  • Milestone 6 - USD value of payout upon completion of deliverables: $3434
  • Deliverable 6.1: Zcash Brazil team report

Milestone 7 - estimated completion date: 07/31/2023

  • Milestone 7 - USD value of payout upon completion of deliverables: $3434
  • Deliverable 7.1: Zcash Brazil team report

Milestone 8 - estimated completion date: 08/31/2023

  • Milestone 8 - USD value of payout upon completion of deliverables: $3434
  • Deliverable 8.1: Zcash Brazil team report

Milestone 9 - estimated completion date: 09/30/2023

  • Milestone 9 - USD value of payout upon completion of deliverables: $3434
  • Deliverable 9.1: Zcash Brazil team report

Milestone 10 - estimated completion date: 10/31/2023

  • Milestone 10 - USD value of payout upon completion of deliverables: $3434
  • Deliverable 10.1: Zcash Brazil team report

Milestone 11 - estimated completion date: 11/30/2023

  • Milestone 11 - USD value of payout upon completion of deliverables: $3434
  • Deliverable 11.1: Zcash Brazil team report

Milestone 12 - estimated completion date: 12/31/2023

  • Milestone 12 - USD value of payout upon completion of deliverables: $3434
  • Deliverable 12.1: Zcash Brazil team report

Total proposed USD value of grant:

  • $41208 paid in ZEC

How was the project timeline determined?

  • The work will be done and delivered during the year 2023

How did you learn about Zcash Community Grants?

  • Through the ambassador program - Zcash Brazil

Application submission date:

  • 12/15/2022 OR 12/20/2022


Cheer for the Zcash Brazil team! :+1:


Hello @Michae2xl, Thank you for submitting your grant proposal! We will review it in the upcoming weeks and reach out if we have any questions.

In the meantime, if you have any questions for us, you can post them to this thread or DM us at @ZcashGrants.

Thank you.


Hello @aiyadt

Thank you very much for your attention and feedback, any questions we are here.


Thank you @ZcashKR :yellow_heart:


im a big supporter of the Ambassador program, and think you’re a great team!
keep up the good energy :slight_smile:


Working with @Michae2xl and the crew in Zcash Latam has been not only fun, but also a pleasant experience. I support this grant in full because I support the individuals involved and know they will get the job done. :zebra:


Thank you for your support, we will scale this work more and more! :raised_hand: :alien:


Thank you very much for your feedback and support, much appreciated.


From what I have seen it looks like the Ambassador program is going really well, in particular the activities in Brazil.

I’m in favour of funding more grass roots outreach and education.

Also in the recent Electric Coin Company spaces on Twitter (https://twitter.com/ElectricCoinCo/status/1602815576887463936?s=20&t=qQ_ePzGelNe_fw6P1MF5iw) they mentioned that they will have a focus next year in Latin America, so there may be opportunities for collaboration there, and having a team in place in Brazil could be useful on this front too.

Generally in favour, but I bow to the better judgement of the ZCG team who have been working closely with the Ambassador’s.

Good luck!



Thank you for your feedback.

I agree, our main goal is to create more outreach education and bring in more Z users, and developers who develop opportunities locally with the technology, which is vital for all communities around the world.


"We did a Design Team retrospective with the work done in 2022 hope you enjoy it! "


My actions/opinions, not ECC’s.

I recorded a podcast (via ZecHub) with one of the Zcash Brazil team members for further context around this grant: Zcash Brasil's latest grant proposal with Samara - YouTube


Thanks for the invitation, and thanks also for the trust and support, we are all together for this purpose of freedom and privacy.


ZEC status made by James.

Zcash circuit on the Brazilian map made by @Minevg



This is :hot_pepper:


Hello @Michae2xl, Zcash Brazil Team & Zcash Community, I am happy to announce that the @ZcashGrants Committee has unanimously voted to approve this proposal at the most recent meeting.

As part of the approval for this grant, Michael will step down from the Global Ambassador Program to focus on this new endeavor, & ZCG is not currently looking for a new Brazilian Ambassador at this time.


Congrats to @Michae2xl and the team. This a bold initative. A great team. I cant wait to see what Zcash Brazil achieves in 2023.


Thanks everyone for supporting! We’re very happy and excited to make 2023 better than 2022!

uplift! :heart:


Thanks for the shout out!
Can’t wait for 2023. Zcash will explode in Brazil. I hope to do some more cool stuff with you guys!