ZCash Hardware Wallet & Private Messaging Device

I would like a hardware wallet for zcash.
If someone knows of a device with ability to create zero knowledge proof, please let me know.
The 4 GB RAM requirement will probably mean no existing devices are able to?!?

If you are developing one please read my “wish-device”
Thin, square Touchscreen device with around 6.5x6.5cm and camera on the back.
USB-C to charge only - meaning processor etc is not connected to the usb to avoid possible hacks.
no nfc, bluetooth, wifi, firmware updates, etc possible
communication with the internet is through barcodes (qr or possibly colour) screening and scanning with the camera
possibility to exchange messaging keys (pgp,etc) in person through barcodes
popular os apps to send encrypted message via barcode to wallet device, there decrypt, read and write answer, encrypt it and send back to app via barcorde
those apps should also be able to send ZCash adresses, then wallet shows transaction to verify, then creates zero knowledge proof and sends it via barcode to app. from there to zcash network

sorry might sound bit confusing. in any case let me know if you hear of any ZCash hardware wallets

Not sure if there is anything on market that meets all your wish list but check out Ledgers devices I have the Nano s for last 3 months and they support zcash along with support for many other currencies,they just released a new model think its called Nano Blue and looks promising,Nano s is a great device and can be used on a virus infected PC safety according to there sales pitch,no information is exchanged between your device and PC that could lead to been hacked,As for the zero knowledge proof and requiring 4gig ram Maybe there is a way round that and development is on going to implement Z address on hardware wallet but only time will tell if this will be possible on existing devices.