Zcash Improvement Proposal category?

Should we create a forum category for Zcash Improvement Proposals that can allow for more casual discussion of ideas outside of submitting full-blown ZIP proposals?

It sounds like in ZIP0, the mailing list is intended for this. I’m wondering if there are a group of users who would prefer this forum, and another who’d prefer the mailing list. We can do both, IMO.

I noticed a “Community Collaborations Protocol” category here, with 0 posts. That sounds similar to what I want except I want a category that is as broad as ZIPs, so that can include ZIP process changes, governance changes, as well as protocol or technical stuff.



Great idea - makes it easy for regular folk to contribute ideas & provides an input for formal ZIPs.


I’d personally much prefer the forum. Mailing lists are a pain to search and easily browse past discussions.

Looks like ZIP0 was already updated to use the forum :smile: Merge pull request #224 from acityinohio/change-discussion-preferences · zcash/zips@081abeb · GitHub


I think i made a suggestion some months ago to have such topic on the forum.

As we all know a lot of people, including me, are not familar, neither comfortable with gifthub, mailing lists and such like and prefer a simple forum topic to share views, ideas, comments, whatever.

It’s a good idea here on the forum. IF you do so, a whole category is a must as in a single topic the different ideas would get lost.

I would like to make as well the proposal/idea that IF a given proposal gets enough likes someone from ECC or the Foundation puts it over into a valid proposal or whatever it’s called later…


We kind of crossed wires here… it was suggested yesterday that we have a Network Upgrade category to discuss protocol/consensus changes via ZIPs and the moderators voted that a more generic “protocol” category made sense to allow for a broader set of discussions under the category. This is where the unused “protocol” category comes from. I made it yesterday.

I think instead of also doing a ZIP category, we have and additional category for governance discussions (this would include discussions on process ZIPs). (Just called a vote from moderators on this as I did for the protocol category.)

This way, all ZIP types (consensus, standard and process) could be discussed under one of these two categories but we could also have other protocol and governance discussions within them respectively that don’t necessarily imply association with a ZIP.

Check out the description of the protocol category: About the protocol category

I assume this same language would be adapted for governance when that category is created.


I’am not sure if i understood your post and the introduction of the “about the protocol category” right as i again mostly read only ZIP, ZIP and again ZIP.

Just to get clarification, are just ideas allowed/wished/supported on this channel?

I would greatly prefer this forum over a mailing list. I am working (with a surprising degree of success) on just not using email any more. The only remaining task I still have to use email for is sending and receiving business introductions.


There is a #zips channel on community chat. It is not restricted to talking about ZIPs specifically, although that will be the main focus.

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I don’t think we have enough volume to warrant creating another channel in addition to the protocol section of Community Collaborations. IMO there are already too many categories on this forum

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