Should we have an experimental forum section?

It would be nice to have a forum section dedicated to DRAFTing ZIPs, exchanging ideas, wish-lists for the core-protocol, experimental constructions etc. more broadly, a space to transfer knowledge and share amateur or professional research, regardless of the degree of completeness, among ZCash enthusiasts.


We already have quite a few categories — more than is ideal, in my opinion. I want to avoid further proliferation. Would you be okay with putting those posts in #general or #uncategorized? What are the perceived downsides of doing that?

Funcategorized (this thead is funktracated, click here to Get Down!) Lol! Kidding!

agreed there are a lot of threads that already generally pertain, I suppose if it was generally decided or it became apparent that a more specific thread would need be created then that wouldn’t be a problem that’s what already happens anyways
Not gonna lie, GitHub takes practice but once you kind of get the hang of it it’s not too terribly way far removed much different than this forum really but does take practice
Think of it like this forum but with this weird giant Library attached to it full of information