Zcash Inspired Crafts

I am Papeles a Color and here I leave the compilation of videos with crafts inspired by Zcash

Eventually I will update as I add tutorials to my channel :heart:

  1. The first one I made was for a Zcash mug. It’s very cute and I wanted to do something cute :heart:

VIDEO HERE: Box for a cup of Zcash

  1. Sign to accept Zcash as a means of payment

VIDEO HERE: Tutorial to present your QR talker and receive payments in Zec (Zcash)

  1. Toppercake de Zcash para decorar un lindo pastel - Zcash en Español

  2. Marcalibros de reto de lectura con Zcash - Zcash en Español

  3. Soporte para cargar teléfono personalizado con Zcash